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Fun relaxing travel a misnomer

Crowded transportation
Crowded transportation
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A caregiver traveling for pleasure is a misnomer. A trip while caregiving is an exercise in humility, perseverance, on-the-spot ability to think out-of-the-box, and most of all physically hard work and planning. Doesn’t sound much like fun does it? The caregiver will need to do everything; how about changing an adult diaper on an airplane? How about being awake for a straight 24 hours while consistently explaining where we are?
Traveling as caregiver should be at the very least a two person job. Who is suppose too move the entire luggage, make sure the medication does not get lost and most of all never getting unhinged. Caregivers are a breed of people who can withstand the most difficult of circumstances while looking at the bright side of the picture.
We need to give careful consideration to presenting a caregiver with a trip; be it family reunion, a special anniversary or just to get away. How can we make this easy and restful for the caregiver? The person being taken care of will be fine, because the caregiver will make sure they are. We, the family members and close friends, or travel agents need to make some adjustments in the plans which allow for helping the caregiver.
Keep in mind these people are the first line of defense our loved one has. Let’s give the caregiver a hand, thought and break