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Fun in Marietta: Charlie Wooton and Friends at Darwin's May 10 (w/slideshow)

Charlie Wooton and Friends at Darwin's May 10!
Charlie Wooton and Friends at Darwin's May 10!
Takesi (Ken) Akamatsu

Saturday night we had the pleasure of seeing Charlie Wooton and Friends at Darwin's. It was such a pleasure to see this former Atlanta resident who has migrated to New Orleans and to be treated to his friend and drummer Yonrico Scott, beloved of every blues and blues-rock fan in the metro area and far beyond. His other two guitar playing friends, Daniel Groover and Jordan Gonzalez, also with local connections, filled out the group and made for some fantastic musical enjoyment, or as Wooton exclaimed, "It's fun right here in Marietta tonight, ya'll."

On Thursday night, the 8th, Wooton and Scott's group The Royal Southern Brotherhood won the award for best DVD at the Blues Music Awards for Ruf Records' "Songs From the Road" so they had been having a great week and they seemed to be really enjoying themselves before the packed and enthusiastic crowd last night. You know I am always having too much fun to remember song lists but I can tell you there was a knockout version of "Summertime" that I could have listened to all night.

As usual we had to leave at the first break but after an hour and a half of sitting enthralled I can tell you that if you missed it you missed a great show and if you have the chance to see Charlie Wooton and his friends anywhere you should go. According to Yonrico Scott Wooton tries to make his "Atlanta run" once a month and I will try to let you know here when he's going to be town. Your opportunity is to get yourself out to the shows and enjoy the music!