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Fun local day trip to the City of Alameda, California

If you live in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area and want to get away for a day trip, well you have a lot of options. But what if you do not want to travel much but want to feel like you are far away?

Well, there is one historic, adventurous place that can make it seem like you are taking a trip back in time. That place is the City of Alameda, California.

If you know the Bay Area, you know that the City of Alameda is a small city located near Oakland, California. Thus, it is very close to the big cities and close to the Bay Bridge.

What is there to do in the City of Alameda? Well, I have some resources for you to help you figure it out. First, try for a fun list of things to do in Alameda, California. You can also visit for some other ideas.

Also, do not hesitate to check out the official website for the City of Alameda, California. You will discover their great webpage for the attractions in this fine city. And if you like shopping, visit the website of

You can have lots of fun in the City of Alameda and it can be a really fun and memorable day trip. There are lots of fun and inexpensive things to do in this great part of the Bay Area.

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