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Fun learning apps for kids for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

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According to a Mar. 17 report in “App Craver”, Vladimir Pletnev has just released “Live Puzzles 2: Wild West Bugs!” into the App Store. These cute, colorful jigsaw puzzles help children learn problem-solving skills while they have fun.

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Every time a child taps and drags a puzzle piece to the matching outlined area of a puzzle he, or she is rewarded with dancing stars or other animations. When the puzzle is complete, the bug comes alive and dances to upbeat music.

Each puzzle is available in 6, 15 or 35 pieces so a parent or guardian can make each puzzle age appropriate. For example, a mom, dad or guardian might set a puzzle to 6 pieces for a 4 year old, 15 pieces for a 8 year old and 35 pieces for older child. Free. Compatible with iPad, iPod touch 3rd generation and iPhone 3GS+.

Note: the first two puzzles are free to play but the other four need to be unlocked for $1.99.

Also new to the App Store today is “Word Wonderland” by McGraw-Hill School Education Group. In this free app your child helps a friendly frog hop along lily pads to cross a pond . Along the way your child practices word sorts and phonics. Appropriate for children in grade K-2. This free app is for iPad only.

We'll be back next time with more news and free apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch!