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Fun indoor activites you can do with your child this winter

Cabin fever already? Winter is just getting started and your children are already restless. The snow is pouring down and its expected to get to the coldest temperatures in decades. You will be spending a lot of time with your children indoors. Are you looking for some great ideas to do with them? I'm here today to give you some ideas of what you can do with your kids this winter. These activities are fun and simple, and you don't have to be a teacher to do these activities. A lot of them are art, and some creative and imaginary. Here are these great ideas:

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1. Making cards for family and friends: You will be paper, markers, glue and glitter and even magazines to make wonderful cards for extended family and friends. They will love the masterpieces your child will make.

2. Going though photos: you can play many games with photographs such as "bingo" and "memory". They can learn about the people in their lives and have fun at the same time. To play Bingo pass out the pictures and someone calls a family member for friend. Put a card over the picture. whoever has a whole row of them wins!

3.Making a sensory table: I did this a lot in my daycare center years. This would be great for very young children. Find a tub or bin and fill with different objects with different textures. Such as cold cook pasta or dried nuts.

4. Play "Guess that object": Blindfold your child and get out some recognizable objects. This will also be good for sensory as well. Ask them to hold the object and guess what they are holding.

5. Bowling: Find some old toilet paper rolls and some rolled up socks and you can have your own bowling alley. You can also use empty water bottles and a ball as well. You can teach your young child the basics of the game.

6. Having a dance party: Find some great fast paced dance music, and use flashlights and turn up and volume and watch the magic happen. Dancing can give off some energy that they haven't been able to get go since they have been indoors.

7. Having a mini car wash: Take a bin of warm water and soap, some squirt bottles and squeeze bottles and let them wash some of their toy cars. They will be shiny and new in no time!

8.Building a fort and a lunch time picnic: Use couch cushions and blankets to make the fort, or even chairs Once the fort is built you can have a great picnic in the fort.

9. Have a Movie Marathon: Save some movies that kids would not normally watch, and have a movie day with popcorn and snacks and just spend some great time together.

10. Baking cookies: get some sugar cookie dough and get frosting and other decoration and well as cookie cutters and let kids go to town and making their own cookies.

Whatever you plan to do in the next few week. Just remember to stay warm and safe this winter!

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