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Fun ideas for cookie sheet magnet boards

These cookie sheets have been painted with chalkboard paint and decorated.
These cookie sheets have been painted with chalkboard paint and decorated.

One of my favorite things to do is reuse items for a fun new purpose. How many of us have thrown away old cookie sheets because of built-up grease, rust, or just because we want a new set? Guilty! But not anymore! After reading this article, you’ll never throw away old cookie sheets again. Turn those old cookie sheets into colorful magnet boards, family message boards, and much more. You’ll love how easy it is to transform an old set of cookie sheets into something unique and functional for the whole family.

DIY Home Decor - Cookie Sheet Magnet Board

Cookie sheet magnet board basics

There are many different ways to customize and personalize a magnet board made from a cookie sheet. Search online and you’ll find several helpful tutorials on how to make one. Basically, though, you’ll want to either paint the cookie sheet a bright color, or cover a clean cookie sheet with scrapbook paper, heavy wrapping paper, or something similar. Secure the paper to the back of the cookie sheet with hot glue. Decorate the front of the magnet board with ribbon, lettering, appliques, or other accents.

Use your finished boards to organize a family message center, keep shopping lists and coupons at the ready, display children’s art and schoolwork, stay on-track with school and sporting events, or use these handy DIY décor items for decorative purposes instead.

We found some fabulous pictures online of some very pretty magnet boards that will inspire anyone to grab some scissors and get creative. Browse through our slideshow and let us know which pictures are your favorites. As you’ll see, you are only limited by your imagination.