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Fun girl's birthday party ideas

Throughout the year, there are days that may be considered special. One of those days, which is anticipated by both the children and the parents alike is the birthday. If you have a young girl and would like to provide one of the best parties that is available, you need to plan it out in advance. Here are some kids birthday party ideas for girls that you may want to incorporate into the special day.

Top Themes - One the most important things to consider for any child's birthday party is the theme. For a young girl, you can consider their own personal preferences or you can completely surprise them with a theme that is truly unique. Some of the better themes that we have used in the past include girl superheroes, under the sea (mermaids), hello Kitty, Princess, runway project and butterfly garden. Of course, there are an infinite number of possibilities, so allow your imagination to take over.

Now that you have your theme established, it's time to consider some of the various activities that will make the day special. In many cases, these can be modified to meet your choice of theme.

Piñata's - The use of a piñata is always a favorite at any party. These can either be purchased in advance or you can allow the children to decorate their own piñata's, made out of paper bags. Fill these decorative items with candy or toys that will go along with the theme that you have chosen. It is always a good idea to have several of these on hand, as it will give more than one child the chance to break them open.

Jewelry Making - Have you considered including jewelry making workshops in your girl's birthday party plans? Most girls appreciate jewelry and being able to make their own at a party will help to make the day quite memorable. You can either have all of the supplies on hand or, in some cases, you may be able to hire this task out to an outside company. Those outside resources will often have additional items available, which will help to make the day special. Incidentally, if there are any boys at the party, they will enjoy this activity as well.


Balloons - You can't really go wrong with balloons, and they provide a festive atmosphere for any girl's birthday party. If you are going to use balloons, use them with a degree of caution. Although they are a special addition to any birthday party, they may be a choking hazard for very young children.


Although it is a good idea for you to have activities available for a birthday party, you would also want to limit it to a certain extent. These activities can certainly help to make the day memorable but too much activity can also cause issues among the children, depending upon their age bracket. As long as you keep things in balance and maintain a lively atmosphere, the party is certain to be one that will be remembered for years to come.

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