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'Fun Four' golf products from the PGA Merchandise Show

Exotics' latest fairway wood success story
Tour Edge

The PGA Merchandise Show came to a close Friday at the Orange County Convention Center. This annual gathering of the golf industry is not open to the public, but the public will soon have the opportunity to purchase the hundreds of new products that promise to lower scores.

It’s like a giant toy story for wide-eyed kids. And after spending three days roaming the halls, we discovered dozens of products we think are worth a try. And over the next few weeks we will be reviewing many of the offerings.

Here is a look at a few of them that we will call the Fun Four.

Tour Edge’s Exotics CB PRO. This club will become known visually for its unique sole design, and for good reason. The patent-pending Slip Stream sole glides through the turf in remarkable fashion minimizing interaction and allowing the head to maintain maximum speed through impact.

But there is more to the club than a captivating sole. Advanced clubhead technology allows the CT to reach the USGA-allowed maximum of 250.The CB PRO features Tour Edge’s premium beta titanium cup face and hyper-steel body to produce maximum distance in a fairway wood.

Bridgestone True Balance Putter. This new putter has a balance point less than 5" from sole providing incredible feel and connection to the putter head, improving speed and distance control.

The extremely lightweight putter has a unique 100% EVA grip that offers great feel and traction. A Dual Layer Grooved Insert provides the perfect combination of feel and roll performance.

Chase54, the official apparel sponsor of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship, has become known for its use of innovative fabrics and blends. And its newest offering fits that bill. DryFuse Elite is made up of a unique coffee yarn and regular polyester blend, offering the fastest moisture wicking fabric on the market.

The technology of the fabric rapidly pushes the sweat to the surface of the fabric, enabling it to dry quicker than an average wicking fabric. The use of coffee yarn also represses odors and protects against UV rays.

RadiusRoll Putter - What separates RadiusRoll from its competition is obvious with one glance: A 0.8400 radius face. This radius face creates perfect forward roll. RadiusRoll calls it PureStrike Instant Roll Technology.

“The equator-to-equator hit produces the perfect forward roll with one round object being struck by another round object. It eliminates any hop or skip,” said creator Rick Monroe.

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