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Fun Fall destination

Photo: permission from Whitetail Resort

Check out Whitetail's Great Outdoors Festival on October 23 and 24, 2010. 

This event at Whitetail in Mercersburg will be a  weekend full of fun activities.  There will be a moon bounce, climbing wall, skate park, and live entertainment.

Don't miss the lift ride up to the mountain to see the beautiful view with colorful leaves.  Even non skiers can enjoy this!  Some guests even hiked around at the top of the mountain last year exploring the trails without snow.  There was even a crazy family who hiked down a black trail.  They reported that they would never do it again and that it is much more fun to go down with snow on it!  Yes, the lift does take you back down. 

At the ski swap last year, yours truly found a pair of ski boots and a North Face Coat, along with other items for each member of the family at great prices.  It was an incredibly fun way to get ready for the ski season, let the kids play, and to say hi to other ski buddies.

We hope to see you there!

For more information:

New hotel in Clear Spring, MD, several miles from Whitetail, is open!