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Fun DIY uses for terracotta pots

Fun DIY uses for terracotta pots
Fun DIY uses for terracotta pots
Angie Muldowney/Flickr

There are many popular spring and summer time activities that draw crafters out of their craft rooms and out into the warm sun, but being outside doesn't mean you can't be crafty. The truth is, the warm weather opens up a whole new set of crafting possibilities. Everything from gardening to simple do-it-yourself projects can be done while you soak in some vitamin D. One of those DIY projects will allow you to reuse those old terracotta pots you may have around your home. Here are three incredibly creative ways you can turn terracotta pots into exciting DIY projects.

Terracotta pot accent table

For this project you will need a large terracotta pot and a large terracotta saucer, some paint, and a little gorilla glue. shared a version of this project where they painted both the pot and saucer white, flipped the pot upside down, and glued the painted saucer to the top (the old bottom) of the pot. As an added touch added some twine around the pot just under the saucer. That is just one of a million different ways to decorate your terracotta pot accent table.

Terracotta pot birdbath

To complete this terracotta project you will need three pots; one large, one medium, and a small one. The sizes you use will determine the overall size of your birdbath. You will also will need one large saucer. Once you've selected your terracotta pieces, it's time to get painting. After decorating your pieces and letting them dry, turn the largest pot upside down and stack medium one on it by sliding the opening over the bottom of the largest pot, then repeat the process for the smallest pot. You can add glue for this step if you would like. Lastly, you need to glue the saucer to the top (formally the bottom) of the smallest pot. To see a version of this terracotta project you can visit

Terracotta pot tiered planter

What better way to use terracotta pots then to use them to hold your beautiful plants? shared a terracotta project that will allow you to do just that, but will also give you an opportunity to flex your DIY muscles. For this project you will need a small, medium, and large pot, as well as a large saucer. You will simply paint your pots to meet your needs, and once they dry, it's time to fill your planers.

Fill your large planter three quarters of the way full, then sit the medium pot inside. Make sure the medium pot is close to the back wall of the larger pot. Then, repeat the process again for the medium and small pots. Once the pots are all in place, you can begin to add your plants, and finish filling your pots with soil. When you're finished you will have a beautiful tiered planters to display.

There you have it, three great DIY ways to use terracotta pots to decorate your indoor or outdoor spaces. So the next time you find yourself with a spare terracotta pot don't throw it out; just start thinking outside the box.

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