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Fun Crafts for Halloween

The Ultimate in Spider Webs!
The Ultimate in Spider Webs!
Tiffany Baker

A brief Google Search online will reveal more Halloween crafts than you can shake a stick at, (723,000 at last check!)  but a couple of them looked like fun and seemed simple enough for us less creative folks to try.  The Spider Wall at Crafts and Sutch is fantastic and our family made one on our dining room wall this afternoon.  Cheap, fast and very effective.  Simply using black yarn ( readily purchased at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and other craft stores here in Lincoln ) a nail and some push pins you can create a huge and spooky spider web that the kids will love. 

The Googly Eye Halloween Wreath over at Chica and Jo looks easy too, again with readily purchased supplies and a simple concept you can create a fun addition for your door befitting the holiday spirit.  

Finally the Jello Blood Worms presented by The Idea Room look almost good enough to eat!   Grind up some Oreo Cookies to make dirt and see if your children can be persuaded to give them a try!

Please feel free to add your own favorite Halloween Holiday decorations and ideas in the comments section.  The Spoooookier the better!


  • Profile picture of Alicia Bayer
    Alicia Bayer 4 years ago

    The web is fabulous! It looks great against your green wall. Off to look at the projects now. :)

  • M. Justice 4 years ago

    Looks like a great way to spend the afternoon with the kiddos. :D

  • Profile picture of Samantha Chaffin
    Samantha Chaffin 4 years ago

    That looks wonderful!! I love the spider web :D

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