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Fun and fashionable football style

Show team spirit and style this football season
Show team spirit and style this football season
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

With football season in full swing, fans across the country are cheering this anticipated time of year along with their favorite team. From fantasy football to sitting in the stands, football is a ubiquitous fall and winter weekend event. But whether you’re a Denver Broncos, Colorado State, University of Colorado or other team fan, the unpredictable weather and casual atmosphere doesn’t mean sacrificing fashion. Comfortable and stylish is the order of the day when dressing for the game.

Think layers when making your football outfit choice – chances are it will be chilly by the end of the game. Jeans with a team-colored tee shirt and hoodie is always a winning combination. Broncos fans know that orange can be tough to wear for many, so if you can’t pull it off, stick with a blue as the primary color, then accent with an orange scarf or hat. Or support your favorite player by sporting a team jersey with a long sleeved tee underneath.

As important as the outfit is shoe choice. Closed toes are a must – comfortable boots, casual flats or a cute pair of athletic shoes. From hiking across the parking lot to climbing the steep stadium stairs to braving the crowds in the concession lines, feet can easily take a beating.

Hats are also recommended, whether a team baseball cap or beanie. Windy conditions can wreak havoc on hair, so a hat will secure those fly-aways and cover up a bad hair day! Pre-game prep is easy – just pull hair back into a sassy ponytail or make cute braids.

But no matter what you wear, have fun and enjoy the game!