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Fun and easy DIY back to school photo frame project ideas

Fun and easy DIY back to school photo frame project ideas
Fun and easy DIY back to school photo frame project ideas
Threesia Goff

Every year millions of parents prepare to send their children off to school for the first time. For some this is a very exciting time, and for others it's a time filled with tears. Most parents have a long list of questions and reservations about how that first day will go, and through it all one task usually makes the top of each parent's list; documenting the day by taking photos. If you will be taking photos of your bundle of joy this year, here are three fun do-it-yourself photo frames you can make to display them.

Crayon first day of school photo frame

The first frame comes from Trish on This cute little photo frame is a complete DIY project. Starting with basic cardboard and a few other supplies, like craft paint, glue, ribbon, and box of crayons. also used letter stickers to add a title on the frame.

Pencil back to school frame

This adorable back to school frame from is perfect for displaying school photos, but it requires more advanced DIY skills. For this project you will need a basic photo frame, a couple packs of pencils, a pencil sharpener, some glue, and even a hacksaw. Using these materials Michelle with was able to cut the pencils to varying lengths, then attach them to the frame with glue creating a great frame to hold any school photo.

Ruler first day of school frame

This frame from is also a little more advanced than your everyday DIY project. This project tutorial actually shows readers how to create a sign to use as a prop in back to school photos, but it can be adapted to make a photo frame instead.

Simply replace the clipboard in the tutorial with a piece of cardboard, cut the cardboard with scissors, then the wooden rulers with a hacksaw, and use some sand paper to smooth the rulers' edges. Once you've prepped all the pieces, glue the rulers to the cardboard. Make sure to leave the inside edge of the rulers unattached so you can slip the photo under them.

Whether you make one of these fun DIY frames, buy a classic frame, or just put your child's photos in a shoebox, the most important thing is that you capture these moments. These first only happen once, so it's important to capture and treasure them.

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