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Fully aerobatic light sports airplane

Very exciting little plane - Lil Rascal by Renegade
Very exciting little plane - Lil Rascal by Renegade
Renegade Light Sport Aircraft

A very exciting little aerobatic plane is on the market - the Lil Rascal by Renegade. The company has elected to build an all U.S. manufactured airframe with Renegades well known expertise with the Lycoming LSA engine configuration. Renegade formally announces the new Lycoming powered Renegade Lil Rascal models. The Lil Rascal LS1 and LS2 are Light Sport compliant single and two seat fully aerobatic LSA aircraft.

"This is yet another bold move to bring a 100% America made Lycoming Powered aircraft to the LSA market" commented Philip Wyatt, Director of Marketing for Renegade.

"We are so pleased to have had Steve Wolf deliver our prototype S2 last Saturday. Steve has been commissioned by Renegade to provide all the aerobatic instruction for each new Lil Rascal purchased".

Renegade believes that there is no one on the planet with a deeper understanding of aerobatic training than Steve Wolf of Wing Over Aviation. We will be looking to immediately manufacture the Carbon LS1 airframe with our two seat LS2 soon to follow by Air venture Oshkosh 2013 right out of our new manufacturing facility at Ft. Pierce FL.

Reportedly, the Lil Rascal LSA will be revised into fabric over carbon fiber construction and will be powered by the Lycoming AE-IO-233 fuel injected, fully aerobatic, electronic ignition engine. The Lil Rascal will be capable of fully inverted flight and producing 124 horsepower in its well-known Renegade Lycoming LSA configuration. The LS1 will weigh in at or just below 650 pounds total empty weight.

According to company information, this move adds another fantastic airplane to the Renegade, Lycoming powered Light Sport aircraft fleet. Renegade seems to be fully on track to make their plans of developing a full range of fantastic American Made Lycoming powered Light Sport Aircraft. "We know there is a need for a Light Sport fully aerobatic aircraft", Renegade states.

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