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Full Vintage Masters and Conspiracy spoilers due tomorrow

Prepare for a double whammy of a spoiler.
Prepare for a double whammy of a spoiler.

It is an odd rumor season moment that we find ourselves in right now: There are two sets whose release is imminently pending and being spoiled at roughly the same time. Of course, one of these is a supplemental product with much fewer new cards (65) than an ordinary set, and the other is an all-reprint Magic Online-only set, but this is nevertheless still an unusual situation. For example, when are the full spoilers for either of these sets going to be released?

Well, the Magic Online Twitter account appears to have an answer to that, and it is: Vintage Masters and Conspiracy get full reveals on the same day - tomorrow!

@albertorodalv (Alison)Vintage and Conspiracy go up on Friday. As for bombs [in Vintage Masters], it's not my place to say!

So the Magic Online staff is mum on spoilers for now, but that won't matter for much longer. Not only will we see all the old-school cards that are going to be made available on MTGO in a draftable format, we'll also know how some very different drafts may play out with physical boosters of Conspiracy next month. Indeed, it seems that for all the messing-with-draft trickery that's apparent in currently revealed cards in the supplement, there's still more to come.

Conspiracy is due out June 6, while Vintage Masters will release on June 16.