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‘Full Throttle Saloon’ to air on Reelz TV channel

Full Throttle now on Reelz
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

For those of you who have been waiting all summer for the return of “Full Throttle Saloon” to TV, your wait just got shorter. According to an announcement made by Media Insights on Aug 25, 2014, Reelz TV has picked up 4 new shows and “Full Throttle Saloon” is one of them.

Reelz plans to run the show on Friday, October 3, with two back-to-back episodes starting at 11p.m. ET. The announcements were unclear as to if they will air older “Full Throttle Saloon” episodes or if they will be premiering the 2014 event that was held in Sturgis S.D.

“Full Throttle Saloon” has been aired on truTV and the website is still advertising the show, but states “there are currently no air dates.” So, will everyone’s favorite biker show return to truTV, or will fans have to move over to Reelz to see what Michael, Angie and Jesse are up to this year?

Don’t forget that Michael and Angie Ballard became parents recently. Many fans are hoping to get a glimpse of baby girl Emilly Grace Lynn Ballard. Will she make an appearance on the “Full Throttle Saloon” show, or will Mom and Dad keep her out of the lime light?

The cast and crew of the show have been busy traveling the country hosting public appearances and many “Throttle Fests.” Michael Ballard and Jesse Dupree have also launched their own brands of alcoholic beverages. The stars of the show have a lot going on. Will fans get to see it all on truTV or Reelz?

That remains to be seen as yet, but now we know we can tune into the Reelz channel in October and get to see “Full Throttle Saloon.” Stay tuned as this Examiner searches to bring you news about “Full Throttle Saloon” and Michael, Angie and Jesse.

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