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Full 'Strawberry' Moon to shine bright on spooky Friday the 13th

Tomorrow is Friday June 13, 2014 and while many consider the day to be bad luck some are saying that this Friday the 13th may not be as unlucky as most expect it to be.

Full Strawberry Moon to rise on Friday the 13th
Full Strawberry Moon to rise on Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th Full Moon

That is because tonight at 12:11 am ET the moon will become full for the first time in June in almost 100 years.

It is called the Full "Strawberry" Moon because as the the Old Farmer Almanac says;

"The month of June's full Moon's name is the Full Strawberry Moon. June's Full Strawberry Moon got its name because the Algonquin tribes knew it as a signal to gather ripening fruit."

It is also sometimes called the "Honey Moon" because of the golden tint that it gives off instead of the usual white, silvery hue of a normal full moon.

The full moon occurring on a Friday the 13th is very rare and last happened on October 13, 2000 but will not happen again until August 13 of 2049.

The wait is longer for the next full moon in June on a Friday the 13th though, with the last being in 1918 and the next one occurring in 2098.

The moon will still be bright and full when it rises on Friday evening as well, though it will be at it's best early Friday am.

Many people fear the day because of the bad luck and superstitions that are associated with Friday the 13th; some people will not fly that day, some refuse make big purchases like buying a house or a car, and some even stay locked in their homes all day for fear of something bad happening.

Maybe with this rare occurrence that will light up the night sky so beautiful and bright, the ones who fear the day may have a change of heart.

Just make sure you do not step on a crack, walk under a ladder, and stay away from any black cats.

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