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Full On Full Moon With Ms. Jackie Wilson at Bourbon Street

Ms. Jackie made the American Idol cut and went to Hollywood a Nashville connection that did and still does Music city proud. Ms. Jackie Wilson performs blues soul and a bit of indefinable sweet high toned delight. Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar with the New Orleans Vibe of Blues and the Mural above the stage with Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bonnie Riatt, Ella Fitzgerald and BB King gracing the walls set the stage for the featured performance.

Jackie is originally from Florida but moved here with her mom 15 years ago and calls Nashville home.

Ms. Jackie was backed by an 8 piece band with Bass, Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Trumpet and Sax and two back up singers- April Rucker and Jason Waters. Both of whom are veritable talents themselves.

Ms. Jackie rocked the stage with old school style and grace but also mixed it up with some original tunes.

The selections were crowd pleasers and did showcase some nice riffs and fills with each band member able to carry the strong blues sound home.

First out on the set was an original Heart and Soul sweet pensive but also with enough power and persuasion to keep the listeners attention.

Pride and Joy was done with a nice spin enough tribute to the classic but with some finesse to show range of style and understanding of how to use control, vocal interest and audience enjoyment to keep the listener drawn in and enjoying the show.

The band was truly complimentary to the whole evening with nice tight sound, good riffs, fills steady low end work on the bass also showcasing the sax and trumpet often.

Jon-Paul Frappier is the trumpet player and has an impressive background of playing with such industry professionals such as: Aretha Franklin, My Morning Jacket, The Four Tops, Delbert McClinton and many many more. A native of Detroit Jon-Paul covers Motown, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Latin, Gospel and Classical.

Ms. Jackie did have appreciative audience members that have kept up with her since her trip to Hollywood with American Idol and reacted to the song she used to audition with on American Idol you come back to me with great delight.

Another original Simple but Everything was written for the ladies but dedicated to the guys at home.

Ms. Jackie was set lists included many breaks for the band and the back up singers.

April Rucker sings harmony and has a great strong sound being a Nashville school of the arts graduate and coming from a musical family she also has an album out Here I Stand that won Urban Recording of the Year 2009. April is strong steady and truly a delight to experience.

Jason Waters also sings back up adding nice full complimentary richness to the mix. He also hosts Open Mic at Bourbon Street the last Sunday of every month.

The song Pass the Peas had a great bottom end bassline running with a great drum break and built into solid musicality.

Chain of Fools had the dance floor full. Signed Sealed Delivered I’m Yours is solid done with verve and thoroughly appreciated by the listeners.

All in all it’s a great taste of blues and the vibe of old school classics with Ms. Jackie she is a great entertainer with a powerful voice and presence that is truly a tribute to the classics but with enough room and with her originality it keeps the interest and delight of the listeners attention.

Ms. Jackie Wilson has a facebook and a twitter.

Music City is a wonderful mix of many talented creative people and it was a memorable and great night under the full moon at Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar with Ms. Jackie Wilson and the talented band.


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