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Full moon in Virgo this weekend

Full moon Virgo
Full moon Virgo

March's full moon in Virgo occurs March 16, at 1:08 p.m., EST. Virgo is the natural ruler of the sixth house of work, service to others, and health. If you are ready to begin a spring diet now would be the correct time!
This moon sextiles Saturn giving us motivation to take care of business, and look at things in a calm and rational manner.

Virgo is however, the most critical sign of the zodiac and we must guard against being too critical, picky, or otherwise negative about people (or ourselves), situations and events occurring in our lives. Others could react this way toward you. On the other hand Virgo is about critically based thinking, which is not the same as being critical of others, and this can be an asset. This is a time to face the reality of your situation calmly and without becoming overly emotional and find solutions.

Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini will be most affected by this transit, especially if you were born in the late degrees of a sign.

Others who may be intensely affected by this transit are those born with Pluto in the late degrees of Virgo-those born 1969-mid 1972. Moon conjunct Pluto transits generally bring about intense emotionally interactions with others or ourselves and it could represent an ah ha moment at best, obsessiveness, and breakdowns with people, machinery and situations. As the Sun will oppose Pluto within a few days of the full moon look for this time to be extra intense.

Those born with Saturn in Pisces-April 1966-May 1967 may feel the heavy hand of responsibility/life, as will those born with Saturn in Virgo October 1979-September 1980, or Saturn is Sagittarius January-December 1988, late May 1988-November 1988.

Those born with Neptune in Sagittarius may feel confused or insecure-January 1981-January of 1984.
Uranus in Virgo individuals born late 1966-early 1967, or September 1967-September 1968, or May-June 1969 may feel restless or experience unexpected situations as will those born with Uranus in Sagittarius, December 1986-July of 1987, or October 1987-Feburary 1988.

The Sabian symbol of 26 degree Virgo is" A Boy With A Censer Serves The Priest Near The Altar" Sabian symbol specialist Blain Bovee describes this as "a youth who is entrusted with clearing the air, setting the tone, for the new path of individual character refinement and social mores. Incense burning is an archaic ritual ceremony that plays upon smell, memory and motivation. Think of a bad smell... motivation to move away. A good smell... motivation to draw near. If the intention to clear the air, purify and wash free of stain, then a good new start is possible.
Individuals with Virgo 26 placements may have smell sensitivities, or, they may have a good nose for detecting when something is not quite right."

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