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Full Moon in Sagittarius: Releasing in Celebration

Rose Petals
Rose Petals
Photo by Sascha Schuermann/Getty Images

Releasing in Celebration

This week the waxing Moon is building up to its Fullness in
Sagittarius on June 12/13 (9:11 P.M., PST/12:11 A.M., EDT). This
month’s Full Moon in Sagittarius directly opposed to the Sun in
Gemini, both at 22-23 degrees, can best be described by one of the
Sabian Symbols for this degree of Sagittarius, “Blackbirds flying out
of a pie. Darkness seeks release by the right vessel, at the right
time, in the right place.” Sagittarius represents the higher mind’s
need to seek adventure, express itself, and to communicate and
release energy that has been building.

This Full Moon, called both the Strawberry Moon and the Full Rose
Moon, illuminates those areas of our lives where we long to express
the emotions and thoughts that have been becoming more
conscious and in need of communication. Where the Sun in Gemini
has been keeping our minds active and focused on acquiring
knowledge, being open to greater diversity, and enjoying the
personal comfort with the ‘here and now’, the opposition between
the Sun and the Moon energizes the polarities between the two
extremes, and calls on us to seek the more harmonious mixture of
high ideals balanced by trust in our intuitive gifts. This Full Moon in
Sagittarius opposed the Sun in Gemini calls us to use logic and
reason with our imagination, intuition, and vision to both envision
and conceive of new ideas, new adventures, and greater
appreciation for who we are at this time, in this place, as we are.

We are whole when we perceive unity in diversity, calm within chaos,
and the end result with the initial vision of what we long for and set
into motion. At the last New Moon, two weeks ago, we may have set
some plans in motion, and at this Full Moon, we gain greater
awareness of how our plans, dreams, vision, and goals are in
congruence with our emotional, spiritual, and intellectual health.
This Full Rose Moon can be a bit challenging, for it and some of the
aspects around this lunar transit, activate some of the subconscious,
hidden, and perhaps, forgotten areas of our being where we healing
is still taking place. That which grows to fullness and ripens, now
requires attention.

The lesson of full moons always relates to uniting opposite trends,
tendencies, and abilities/gifts/skills. This Sunday, is Pentecost
Sunday a holy day in Christian traditions: the day that the Holy
Spirit, Shekhinah, descended upon Christ’s disciples, his mother,
Mariam, the other women and followers who had gathered in prayer
in the Upper Room. Pentecost is also a sacred day for Judaism, The
Feast of Weeks or Sukkoth it too follows 50 days after the Exodus,
and commemorates God giving the Law to the People through the
Prophet Moses on Mt. Sinai. According to the New Testament of the
Bible, Acts of the Apostles 2:1-31, the Holy Spirit came into the
room “as a rushing mighty wind, and it filled up the house where all
were sitting.” The Holy Spirit came upon all who sat together, like
‘tongues of fire”, and all were filled with the spirit.

The Holy Spirit is representative of the Feminine aspect of the
Divine, Shekhinah, and lives within each of us, and is the channel
through which we receive Divine guidance, intuitive insight, and
maintain the ever-present connection with our Source. Each of us is
infused with the gifts of spirit, which include: During this next week
as the Full Moon builds, notice where in your life you feel
connected, and where you may feel disconnected. Noticing where
our needs are is key to spiritual development. We are living,
growing, and ever learning more about who we are, what our
purpose is, and how we are called to express that.

The gifts of spirit, which are the gifts all God’s Creation, as
described in the sacred texts of Christianity, include: wisdom,
understanding, counsel (discernment), knowledge, fortitude/
courage, piety/faith, wonder/awe of the Divine, and we all have the
gift of the Spirit within us. How we each understand and use our
gifts, depends upon our individual beliefs, choices, and actions. Why
this is important at this time, is that all of life is sacred, and when
we collectively mark and celebrate the holiness of life, through our
traditions, actions, attitudes, and ways of living, we sanctify life for
ourselves and those with whom we connect and affect. As we
approach the week of the Full Moon, we do so at a time when
knowledge and the quality of life we are envisioning and living are
growing in intensity. As the Full Moon peaks on Thursday night/
Friday morning, Mercury in Cancer heightens our desire to
communicate using our gifts.

Sunday, The Sun in Gemini is square Chiron, the Wounded Healer in
the morning (6:36 AM PDT/9:36 AM EDT). We may have awakened
with a desire to grow, heal, and use our experiences to help us learn
about both ourselves and others. The Sun also forms a quincunx
with Saturn the Great Teacher in Scorpio. Saturn, working its way
through our subconscious, is likely to raise some questions about
our worthiness to do or be who we believe we ought to be. We tend,
under this influence, to feel doubts and to respond more out of fear
than faith. Our sense that we are alone and not quite good enough
in some area or another, causes us to disregard our gifts and the
power of the Divine to act with us and on our behalf. We are not
alone unless we allow our perceptions to use our ego to trick us into
believing we are. What we expect the connections we desire to be
like, to feel like, or to make us feel, are not necessarily how the
sacred works in our lives.

Faith is about letting go of our need to be right, or to have things be
and operate according to our plans. Wisdom comes when we
recognize that life does not work that way. We have our roles to
play, our work to do, and our struggles to deal with, and still there
is so much more going on that affects us. To be present with and
comfortable with who we are and what we have right now, is to be
‘in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.” Put your
heart, mind, and soul in the direction of good intentions, and
maintain a positive attitude, and you can weather whatever storms
come your way, more easily than if you battle everyone, everything,
and yourself all along the way.

For some of us, our faith traditions provide the kind of support we
need to stay on the path that is meant for us. For others, we seek
ways to build support into the way we live and through the work we
do. Whatever ways you find to establish an understanding and
supportive way to support your faith life, this is a time when you will
probably be noticing an even greater urge to express and connect in
meaningful and purposeful ways. “Going through the motions” will
not be workable for most of us now—we need and seek fulfillment
on a deeper level.

Venus in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn this evening. Again, we
feel more in tune with our basic needs, values, and practical affairs,
and we have a greater sense of having made some significant
inroads in areas related to personal finance, relationships (with
friends, neighbors, and brothers/sisters), and areas pertaining to
self worth. Also need to feel what we are doing has a significant,
deepening connection to something which is heartening to
ourselves and supportive and equitable for all concerned. As this
occurs late in the weekend, we may go to sleep with a more uplifted
feeling than we have been recently.

Monday begins with Neptune in Pisces stationing for its retrograde
trip behind the Sun. The slowing down of this large, outer planet, in
the area of our lives/chart where Pisces rules, may find us reviewing
or re-meeting some of that which has stirred up our imaginations,
sparked our intuition, raised unrealistic expectations or unfulfilled
desires during Neptune’s recent transit. In other words, you may
find yourself dwelling on or puzzling over issues you thought had
passed or ideas you had that may need a bit more sorting out.

On Monday evening, retrograde Mercury in Cancer, forms a
seisquiauadrate to Saturn in Scorpio—creating some slow downs
and confusion with some of the long-term lessons we’ve been
getting from Saturn. Much of this happens on the subconscious/
unconscious level, but as it makes its way into our awareness, we
may feel, sense, or interpret things differently than we normally do.
Notice where you may feel hypersensitive in areas including
thoughts, communication, or sensibilities.

Tuesday. The Moon enters Scorpio early in the day, and makes a
friendly sextile to Pluto. Uranus, the planet that brings shock,
surprises, and unexpected events, ideas, and actions, forms a
quincunx to Mercury in Cancer. Notice what area of your life is
affected by some unexpected news, communication, or events. Later
the Moon conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio, forms a quincunx to the Sun
in Gemini, and then trines Jupiter. Throughout the day, we may feel
like we are on an emotional roller coaster, though near the end of
the day, we may find that we are able to wax philosophical and ride
out the sensual tide of emotions with a little light-hearted fun. Seek
the higher ground, a bit of escape into music, beauty, the natural
world’s whispers, and let go of the need to control your emotional
climate from any disturbances. Ride the waves.

Wednesday, the Moon shifts from Scorpio to Sagittarius in the
morning. Jupiter in Cancer forms a seisquiquadrate to newlyretrograde
Neptune in Pisces may have us living in a dream world—
not necessarily dreamy but more nightmarish. We may try to
mislead ourselves or others, or find ourselves being misled or
deceived in some way if we are not cautious, observante, and
discerning. Keep your feet on the ground, and be more realistic,
practical, or pragmatic when dealing with sticky issues. Avoid
wandering off into a fantasy world of our own making, thinking we
are in synch with what is going on in someone else’s life. Deception,
misunderstandings, and heightened sensibilities over perceived
slights, losses, or lack can put us in a bad space. When this occurs,
we may discover that we are being too self-absorbed or selfcentered.

Time to get out of a narrow, self-absorbed place. Spend
some time helping someone else, or focusing on something that is
useful, productive, or helpful to someone besides yourself. Or if you
are the one who is always being accomodating for others, take time
to take care of your own needs, and stop blaming others for you
feelings, expectations, situation, or unfulfilled desires. Find
something to meet your own needs, and to help someone who
needs help. Avoid doing for others only to receive the accolades. Do
what you do because you want to help, not because you need the
attention yourself. At this time, very few things are as they appear
or as our narrow focus and experience can imagine. Assume that
there is more to what is going on than what meets the eye—greater
than what you can understand or see.

Routine may seem something we need to get out of. Instead of
making drastic changes, do some small things, differently. Walk a
different route to work, change the way and place you eat, try
something new in the way of exercise, or listen to music you haven’t
heard before. Break the patterns that are becoming too routine, and
move things around to give yourself a new perspective. Put on a
different piece of clothing, and fix your hair in a new style. Feed
your soul with a good book, or reread a favorite children’s book to
connect you to a part of yourself that needs to be reborn.

Later in the day, Mercury in Cancer semi-square Venus in Taurus
raises our sensitivity to a new and edgy level. Rather than acting out
and imploding or exploding in ways that are wholly inappropriate,
put on your party manners (not the “let’s party” manners, but the
one we use for difficult or uncomfortable situations). The truth of
the matter is we cannot change anyone, and if we have to be around
people who are annoying or combative, we can adapt ourselves to
the ‘get along mode’ long enough to navigate uncomfortable
situations. We cannot avoid dealing with other people who may be
out of control, impolite, or simply mean and nasty. We can,
however, protect ourselves and handle ourselves with restraint and
respect. Walk around fires you see burning in the middle of the
street (metaphorically), and call the fire department for blazes that
seem out of control near you. In other words, get some help if you
have to, avoid what is avoidable, and treat yourself like a precious
gift, protecting, guarding, and maintaining a healthy sense of what
is good for you and what is not. Avoid slipping into patterns of
behavior that are unhealthy—extravegance, overindulging, or

Thursday starts with Venus in Taurus semi-square Mercury in
Cancer. Continues with the hypersensitivity around emotionallycharged
issues (finances, romance, social obligations). May be a
tendency to day dream, and may lack discipline to get things
accomplished or stay focused on being clear, exact, or on-task.

Venus sextile Chiron, enables us to understand what my be healing
in the way we approach those relationships, commitments, and
obligations that mean the most to us. Venus also opposes Saturn,
and while it can make us feel uncertain and full of self doubt, we
can get over whatever we find inhibiting by seeing beyond the
immediate feelings and struggles—gaining a greater perspective is
helpful for dealing with this aspect.

The Moon is in Sagittarius all day, and as the Moon waxes to
fullness it reaches its peak late Thursday night on the West Coast,
and early Friday morning in points East. Almost immediately, Saturn
trines Chiron, so we may become more aware of a deep healing
work that is causing great changes in our lives, deeper
understanding of long-term issues we face, and we are awakening
to what we have within us, that is a gift and a blessing for our own
healing, recovery, success, happiness, or discovery.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius also forms a quincunx to Jupiter in
Cancer making us feel more optimistic and less inclined to dwell our
the lack, losses, grief, or deficits in our lives. Our sense of humor
becomes our saving grace, and helps us overcome the sense of loss
and dwelling on the morbid or depressing. This aspect brings out
the Court Jester or Fool in us…a way of dealing with darkness in a
way that makes light of it. Mars square Pluto calls for law and order,
so we want to make certain our revelry is not causing harm to
ourselves or anyone else. We recognize that we need to make some
alterations to our way of thinking, behaving, and perhaps, believing.
We, collectively, feel more empowered than we have been for quite
some time, and this weakens those who seek to dominate or
suppress us. The collective power neurtralizes that which it seeks to
overthrow or tame.

Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn at 12 degrees, brings the old
power structure in conflict with the new. This Full Moon in
Sagittarius features two oppositions, and one heavy square. The
oppositions: Saturn opposing Venus at 17 degrees, and the Full
Moon in Sagittarius opposing the Sun in Gemini, plus the Mars
square Pluto, make for a rather heavy Full Moon experience—a lot
heavier and stronger than much of the month before or after this
peak moon. Look for the areas of your life/chart where the
oppositions and the square occur to see the areas of your life that
are most affected. Seek balance in the ways your express your
emotions and your opinions, and watch for what it is that is needing
to be subdued and altered in order to protect and safeguard you
and your way of living.

Today as we observe the Pentecost and the Feast of Weeks, we are
reminded of two great events that have shaped our world for
centureis. The Feast of Weeks revealed the new law that provided a
guide for living together in harmony. The Pentecost reminds us of
our ability to access the power and beauty of the Divine right where
we are. The sacred day also commemorates a time when the gifts of
spirit became more apparent to those willing to honor them in the
ways they lived. The power of peace and love to change and alter
ourselves, our world, and our planet, are gifts we each hold, and are
charged with honoring. Through our own growth and love, we help
create peace and love for others. Use this celebration of the Full
Moon to celebrate the goodness, love, and peace that you have to
share with others and to help you create a more beautiful life and

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