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Full Moon In Sagittarius June 2014

On Friday June 14 at 12:11AM Eastern Time a full moon will occur at 22 deg Sagittarius. Normally this is a time of release especially if the full moon aspects something in your chart and being in Sagittarius there is the tendency for people to be more expressive without reservations. Also since Sagittarius deals with travel and adventure there is the tendency for people to go places and do things that they would not normally do.
When looking at the astrology chart for Detroit Michigan using the February 1, 1802 charter date we find the full moon Square’s the North and South Node. Under this influence the people in the City of Detroit should feel uncertain around dealing with the issues from the past and facing the future. This is appropriate since the pensioners have not agreed to the grand bargain to fix the finances for the City of Detroit, and the donations required to save the Detroit Institute of Art have not been given.

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