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Full moon on Valentine's Day brings powerful emotions

The full moon shines over the earth bringing spiritual power
The full moon shines over the earth bringing spiritual power
chris ptacek

The full moon this Friday will bring out intense emotions, but not because it is Valentine's Day. While Valentine's Day does carry its own type of influence and energy, it does not as much influence as the traditional holidays in the Wheel of the Year. Holidays such as Yule, Imbolg, etc. are based on the astronomical forces and changes of nature. For this reason they carry more energy and influence on the world around us.

Valentine's Day carries its own power because that power has been imbued by the thoughts and feelings of human beings. This is a valid and respectable source of a day's influence, but not as powerful as the sources that come from nature.

What causes this month's full moon to bring out powerful emotions is the fact that this full moon is in Leo. Leo is a fire sign and according to astrologers Leo is the sign of strong feelings. Since Leo also has a talent for showmanship and loves to be the center of attention, these emotions are not hidden but on display for the world to see.

Love of all kinds will be strong that day. So will happiness. Unfortunately so will all other emotions such as sadness, anger and jealousy. So what can you do?

Be aware of the Leo moons influence on yourself and others. If you feel your emotions rising to an unreasonable level, rein them in. If people around you seem unusually out of sorts or crabby, realize it may be the Leo moon and step back. It may be best not make decisions based on intense emotions. When the emotions have passed, you may regret them.

On the other hand, it is also a day for realizing the fullness of your love for yourself and others. You may find yourself revealing long held back emotions towards loved ones.

The full moon is also a good time to gather and send healing energy to those who need it. It is also a good time for visualizing your dreams and focusing the energy on accomplishing them. Full moon meditations have been known to reveal new life paths that one has not previously considered.

As always, protect yourself, center yourself, and remember to thank whichever deities you call upon for help.

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