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Full Moon o Sagashite: recommendation and review

volume 1
volume 1

This review and recommendation is on Full Moon O Sagashite. It is by Arina Tanemura. I has several volumes. It is released by Viz Media. It has an anime series based off of it.

It is about a girl named Mitsuki, who lives with her grandmother and loves to sing. She also has a malignant tumor in her throat and the only way she can be cured is to have surgery. But there is one problem, if she has this surgery, she won’t be able to sing anymore. She doesn’t want the surgery.

One day she meets two shinigami (death gods) who work in the pediatric division. She is able to see them, which is not normal. She learns that she only has a year to live. Mitsuki makes a deal with the shinigami that if they help her make it to an audition that she will go willing when she dies. The Shinigami use there magic to make her older. She passes the audition. She becomes the next idol. She only wants to become a singer so her boyfriend will notice that one of their dreams came to in order to be reunited with him. Does she ever reunite with Eichi? You’ll have read to find out!

It is your typical shoujo comic. It is everything you’ve come to expect from Arina Tanemura. It not a soap opera or as much of one like The Gentleman’s Alliance. It’s funny and a little dramatic. Read it and enjoy it.

If you live in the Colorado Springs area, you can find this series at your local PPLD. Happy Reading!