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Full moon message and reflections on 2014

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After getting the distinct message it was time to turn off the news and stop keeping myself so well-apprised of all the horrors unfolding, I wondered whether my own newsletters hinted at how the story ended, so I could turn off the news with some closure. I just read December’s and the two Januarys, which all have 2014 messages, and although they mention “fierce uprisings, “unexpected events that have a big impact", continued abuse of Mother Nature, crazy weather…”), there’s the sense our world continues. With so many crazy things pending in the world as of March 16th on a full moon, I began to wonder if any of my messages alluded to World War 3.

The only unsettling message I remember not being able to see “where” or get much of a context, may be bouncing off the tremendous increase in refugees, in for instance, Syria, the Middle East, Africa. I noticed that the message is in some copies online , but not others, although it’s in the client-version newsletter I send out. Here it is again from the January 2014 newsletter:

2014: “Reasons to be bummed out is if there's anything to this impression: I don't know what part of the world generated this image--it was for the year, so maybe many people feel more on their own than usual, having to make their own way, like an iceberg afloat in the silent sea because connections no longer hold and outdated systems no longer support. “

It’s about for some reason, lots of people feeling very abandoned, nobody caring, it is as if they are set adrift, off by themselves in a silence , because they are no longer connected and supported by their past.

Photos of refugees in the New York Times burn into us, showing so many sick , abused and hungry people no one wants to feed, without a country. The only good that can come of this for those of us who watch at a distance, is that it opens our hearts and makes us want to reach out and do something to make it better, where and how we can. We are in the throes of a battle that roughly breaks down into outbursts of darkness and breakthroughs of lightness; it doesn’t always look like it, but the planets tell that it is the dramatic breakdown of the old order. May we all be moved to be a light in the darkness.

Elissa Heyman is a professional psychic counselor and healer with a practice based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Appointments with Elissa are in person or by phone,, 505-982-3294.