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Full Moon in Leo: Let the Drama Begin!

Pink Rose
Pink Rose
Catherine Al-Meten

Full Snow Moon, also called the Hunger Moon as it is harder to hunt when the snows come, are names the Farmer's Almanac has recorded for the February Full Moon. This first Full Moon of the New Year is also called the Old Moon. The waxing Moon is floating just below Jupiter from February 10 to the 19th. The Moon forms an exact conjunction with the Moon on February 19 in the sign of Cancer. This week, February 9-15 is an active one, as all the planets, inner and outer, come into aspect with the inner planets, the Sun, and the Moon. With the North Node in Scorpio, we stand together at the threshold, preparing for a journey that is ready to begin. With Mercury and Jupiter both in retrograde, the start of the journey is somewhat slowed so we have time to reconsider, contemplate, and and discern our choices and certain areas of our lives.

The big news this week stars none other than the Leo Full Moon! Of course Leo want to star, as that what Leo is all about. The Full Moon is just in time for dinner or celebration on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2014 (Full at 6:53 EST/3:53 PST). This Full Moon is in 26/13 degrees of Leo. The rising of star of the Leo constellation as reflected in the Waxing Full Moon begins to make herself known from when she first begins her transit through Leo earlier. By the time the Full Moon peaks in the latter degrees of the constellation, she will have already made a big fuss and begun stirring things up for a powerful grand finale Friday night. Mercury’s retrograde motion through Pisces will add some shocking and surprising elements to this full moon, and Saturn in Scorpio’s square to both the Moon, the Sun, and Mercury bringing us a powerful, creative, and full of eloquent, touching, and profound communication including deep expressions of truth, love, and the need for our full expression.Mercury's retrograde station back into the depths of Pisces illusions, dreams, int tuition, imagination, reminds us that in order to communicate clearly we have to have explored our own intentions, motivations, and expectations. We need to have lifted the veils that cloud our own thinking before we can expect to see others clearly. Mercury retracing these steps in Pisces allows us another opportunity to wake up from the slumber and to listen to the truth of who we are.

The ongoing effets of the Cardinal Grand Cross insures that this will be no ordinary time, as Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto form this powerful aspect. Venus in Capricorn, Jupiter in Cancer, retrograde, Saturn in Scorpio, and the ongoing Pluto in Capricorn-Uranus in Aries square all create a great deal of drama. This will affect your life in the areas where these planets transit. More on that later in this article.

Jupiter in Cancer in retrograde indicates a testing of our faith. This grows as the month goes on, coming to a head on February 24 when Jupiter forms a square to the ongoing Uranus in Aries-Pluto in Capricorn square cycle. Jupiter moved into opposition with Pluto in Capricorn on January 31, and this brings our more fanatical and obsessive compulsions out into the light of day. This puts a great deal of pressure and conflict in most of our relationships. All relationships are being tested, and we are trying to determine which ones are worth the time, energy, effort, and sacrifices we have to make to keep them viable. For relationships that are grounded in a real connection and mutual respect, love, and understanding, this may be a crucial time to get back to the basics that drew you into relationship in the first place. With all types of relationships, we have to recognize our own compulsions, drives, and needs in order for us to be able to maneuver the waters that keep the relationships sailing in the right direction. This opposition between Jupiter and Pluto at 12 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn signals a difficult time and stormy seas. Anything that is not necessary, in good working order, or linked to the basic needs of all involved, will be tossed aside in order to maintain harmony. Failure to do so may result in obsessive behavior and falling back into old patterns that result in sabotaging and undermining whatever there is of value in relationships...even for certain, with the good ones and the faltering ones.

This is the time to observe where your efforts are met with resistance, indifference, or lack of communication. Even the best intentions and self sacrifice will not make something work that is not intended to be. When we have done our best, and find ourselves at the same dead end, we need to consider we’ve done all we can. The crux of the matter is not in the other person/s, but in our own compulsions, obsessions, and unfulfilled desires. Look inside to determine what the obstacles, challenges, and obsessions are calling you to do within, and then be willing to release what is not in accord with your true nature and calling. Failure to address the personal issues that are confounding you will reach a breaking point by February 24 when Jupiter squares Uranus forming a t-square Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Whatever has been making you uncomfortable on a real and deep level will now be shattered as illusions disintegrate and hopes are dashed in areas that have been suffering. Cracks and fissures that have built up emotionally will burst open as a result of whatever needs to be revealed. Coercion, bullying, or manipulation may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in relationships during this time. Let go while you can do so without putting yourself in further jeopardy.

The February Full Moon in Leo trines the October, 2013 Lunar Eclipse which signaled the start of a new cycle of eclipses. Look back to what was going on at that time to get a better idea of how this Full Moon is bringing what you desired into full expression. This cycle has triggered a greater awareness of the polarity between our conscious and unconscious needs, desire, expectations, and compulsions. Again this indicates that most of what is going on in our lives is about our own need to integrate, individuate, and grown more at peace with our complexities and ambiguities. The challenges, conflicts, and difficulties that we are dealing with now find us blocked regarding the necessary insight we need (reflection, intuition, clarity of signs, dreams, and direction) and that which is rising up around and before us to be handled. We do not yet understand nor do we have the ability to see, what the underlying possibilities and breakthroughs are. We can look beneath the surface however, for clues, hidden messages, and connections to Universal Truth, Love, and the ongoing discernment to move toward choosing Life.

Obsessions are those persistent ideas or impulses that continually force their way into consciousness. Our obsessiveness appears when we feel out of control or somehow threatened by our own feelings, perceptions, or by what is going on around us. Often our addictions are triggered by such obsessions. When we feel some part of our unconsciousness, our shadow or undeveloped part of ourselves making its way into our awareness, we may feel more obsessive. This is one way we seek control. Compulsions are related to how we act out as well. A compulsion is an aspect of our personality that appears or is triggered when we feel threatened.

Compulsions are a part of our habitual nature, and we notice them when we are trapped in some type of behavioral pattern or some psychological pattern of responding, reacting, or thinking. We all have areas of ourselves that show up as obsessions or compulsions--usually when we are feeling upset, anxious, out of control, or threatened in some way. When looking at our astrological chart and current transits, it is helpful to note which areas of our lives seem most related to our main compulsions and obsessions, and which times we might be most affected. Taking time when we are not caught up in such emotional or psychologically challenging times, helps us enter such times with the awareness and the tools to help ourselves meet such challenges. The obsessions and compulsions that come up during periods of crisis or stress, are similar to the kinds of symbols, themes, and narratives that appear in dreams. They appear as a signal for us to pay attention and respond in ways that are more healing and helpful, and less anxiety provoking.

With the Taurus Moon this weekend, you might be feeling yourself breathing more deeply, more fully, and also might be sensing greater connection to that which soothes your soul and fills you with sacred energy, gifts, and knowing. As the Moon waxes to her fullness by Friday, we will be like empty vases being filled with sacred light, mystery, and love. Be receptive to receiving your good and allow yourself to walk in sight of what points you toward your True North. Determining true north is necessary in order to navigate in the right direction--the direction you want to go in. Metaphorically, true north is your own ethical compass that tells you what is right and good for you.

The Full Moon on Friday, February 14, highlights the polarities between the Aquarius Sun and the Leo Full Moon. The constellation of Aquarius, depicted by the ancient Babylonians as a boy pouring water into an urn, and later by Arab astronomers, as a mule carrying two barrels of water, has traditionally been ruled by both Saturn and Uranus (The Great Teacher and the Change Agent). Aquarius is a Fixed sign, and we find our challenges come most often from the houses that square wherever Aquarius rules our chart/life--Taurus and Scorpio. Our perfect balance can be found in Aquarius‘ opposition to Leo, though many of us resist that which would lead us to our own fulfillment and happiness. This full moon highlights those areas where we can either keep on resisting our best and highest good, or surrender to that which guides us to unite our personal desires with our quest for knowledge, independence, and less restrictive and more fulfilling, progressive, and more freedom loving close relationships. Aquarius rules the 11th house, the traditional position of our relationships in groups, organizations, and through the dissemination of knowledge.

The Full Moon in Leo, highlights whatever areas of your life/chart where both Leo and Aquarius reign: 1st/7th houses; 2nd/8th; 3rd/9th; 4th/10th; 5th/11th; or 6th/12th. If one of your houses is embedded in a sign, that means its opposite sign will be as well. If that is the case, look to your chart to see what signs are on the cusp of each house.

1st and 7th polarities focus on individuality and how you present yourself in the world, and partnerships and how you present yourself within intimate relationships;

2nd and 8th house polarities focus on 2nd house issues including personal values and how you recognize and handle your resources and on 8th house issues including your reputation, value in community, worth and other peoples' monies, how you connect and understand your deeper and more profound meaning;

3rd and 9th houses focus on 3rd house communications, neighbors, sisters and brothers, and those in close community with you and 9th house, other cultures, traditions, higher education, higher thoughts and knowledge, institutions related to learning, philosophy, and religions, and long-distance travels and whatever is calling you from a distance;

4th and 10 houses focus on your sense of home and belonging, where you make your home, and how you are nourished and cared for in your home and immediate environment/ 10th house, where you feel called to serve or live out your life purpose, career, or life calling, your place in the world;

5th and 11th focus on where you find pleasure, express your creativity, what you produce and bear, children, sexuality and romance, art and having fun. 11th house focuses on where you engage with groups of people, where you connect and find friendship, and how you express yourself and leave your mark in relationships with groups, institutions, and community settings;

6th/12th. The 6th house refers to where and how you spend your time daily. Often referred to as work, it is more importantly your physical body and your health and how that is nurtured or not by how you spend your time each day. Often a point of compulsions, this house will generally tell you something about how you tend to take care of yourself or not. 12th house deals with our inner world, the unconscious and subconscious, hidden aspects of ourselves, intuition, mystery, secrets, what we know that no one else knows, and what we don't know about ourselves...all take up space in this very important part of our being. This is where our past, our memories, our intuitive knowledge, our spiritual insight , and our instincts live and remain until we are willing to learn to listen and use these gifts to grow, enhance our lives and the lives of others, and where we keep private thoughts, feelings, and desires contained.

Observe how this Full Moon in Leo activates the polarity between Aquarius and Leo in your life. For me this comes between the 4th house of Home and the 10th house of Public Calling and Career. Resolution between polarities is part of the steady, growing process of our lives. Much of this polarity was somewhat resolved as I have made my home my workplace, and I find myself so much happier since making that choice.

Resolving an aspect of a conflict does not mean the end of the conflict. I do have a public experience where my calling is recognized and lived out. The struggle between maintaining the balance (a movable feast) and the perfect harmony needed to be in one place at a time, is a constant challenge...We move in the dance of this challenge, wherever it appears in our lives, and the sooner we give up the war between the two parts, the better it is for we can move in harmony more often than not. If you would like to understand how this works in your chart, contact me for a reading.

The Moon in Leo at 26 degrees peaks in the third decant of Leo where it takes on some of the energy of Virgo. The Moon awakens us to seek ways to put into form and action whatever is necessary to unite the energy of both Leo and Aquarius (and their ruling houses in our lives/charts) in ways that end some of the conflict and set us on a journey of combine the energies of both houses in more artistic, creative, and fulfilling ways Leo is ruled by the Sun, and is perfected through creating balance and harmony in conflicts and ambiguity. Leo reminds us if we continue to fight against our growing edges (taming of the obsessions and compulsions), we lose out on the gifts of coming to wholeness. Leo rules the 5th house (though it may not be in your 5th house, the 5th house is affected by your Leo placement). The 5th house rules creativity, sensuality, children, parenting, pleasure, enjoyment, acting, drama, being in love, playing games, and finding time for leisure, sports, fun, and procreation.

Whatever house is ruled by Leo, you can discover at this Full Moon in Leo, what needs are awakening and calling to be met. We are feeling whatever areas of our lives are unfulfilled now. Notice what is not working, and what is in need of repair. Clear up, clean up, and rid yourself of whatever objects, habits, things, connections, or attitudes are keeping your from enjoying life more and from bringing the polarities out of a constant struggle within yourself, and into a more accepting and realistic understanding of how all things exist in our experience for reasons and to act as guideposts for us. We, ourselves, are here to show others through our conscious and unconscious behavior, attitudes, and growth. No one is more important in this equation; we simply are here to remind ourselves and one another of our right to be acknowledged, respected, and honored. We do this through our own actions; it is not a quid pro quo (done expecting something in return). We act properly because it’s the right thing to do. This is the message of the Full Moon in Leo meeting the Sun in Aquarius. The two will not meet like this again until 2033, so it might be a good idea to work on making this a part of our way of living in the meantime.

Mercury remains in Pisces until February 12 when it re-enters Aquarius in Mercury’s retrograde phase. Mercury’s retrograde phase always takes us back over issues, ideas, plans, and decisions we made recently. This period of time in Pisces has made us feel more emotional in our communication, however when Mercury re-enters Aquarius from February 12-March 17, we will revisit some of the out-of-the box ideas we had during Mercury’s recent transit of Aquarius. With Mercury meeting up with the Sun’s transit of Aquarius, we can expect to hear some news, receive some information, or have some form of contact that reminds us of ideas we had that we might have thought were settled or forgotten. We get back to the drawing board and are open to new ideas, more progressive solutions to problems, and are more open to seeing the big picture through a more realistic lens.

Venus’s journey through Capricorn has us taking care of business, especially with finances and our business partnerships. At a time when we are creating more enduring ways to work and create, we understand that we need to form partnerships with an eye on how what we seek to create now informs and supports the dreams, goals, plans, and intentions that we most value. During this period we learn what works best for us, and what might need to change in order to be more enduring, more affirming, and less distracting to long range commitments, partnerships, friendships, and alliances. What we don’t get to do is set ourselves or others up to “take care of us”, replace our parents, or become the projection of our own insecurities, compulsions, or needs. To do so will result in train wrecks that will derail our plans, dislodge our sense if security, and force us to deal with the inner conflicts that we have tried to ignore or blame on others. Venus in Capricorn meeting Pluto en transit, will gently but boldly remind us we are responsible for reading the signs and steering ourselves around obstacles. In seeking guidance and Divine direction be open to how that support manifests-stop trying to force issues that remain unresolved. This is a very pragmatic transit, reminding us to ground ourselves in practical values, beliefs, and knowledge that helps us live with whatever limitations and gifts we have right where we are. Learning to appreciate the Beauty, Bounty, and Bread before us is the gift of Venus’ journey through Capricorn.

Mars in Libra until December 17, 2014, continues its transit through the sign of balance seeker. The balance is always in motion, and Mars, the planet of action and doing, slows a bit as it experiences the full spectrum of options, issues, and perspectives. Our need to act is being tempered by this transit, and we are learning there are more sides to any one issue. This lesson is coming to us in the areas of our lives where Libra rules. Libra rules partnerships of all kinds, and the sign of Libra rule the 7th house. Seventh house issues relate to marriages, intimate partnerships, and how we see ourselves in relation to others. For the rest of the year, and much of the Year of the Horse, Mars is moving through a sign that is honing our ability to discern before we act. Starting this new Lunar Year off with Mercury retrograde, and Mars in Libra, signals the need to think before we act or speak. Consider the consequences and implications of our choices, words, and movement. Actions are not necessarily needed if we would learn more and go deeper right where we are. Time for discernment and contemplation where any thought of action or change is considered.

On Sunday, February 9, the Moon is in Gemini and is trine both the Sun and Mars. Trine the Sun early this morning, we may have had some enlightening dreams.Later to day, the Moon trine Mars will throw some emotional light on our desire to act, be, or change. Notice what comes up after midday. The Moon enters Cancer on Monday, and will square Uranus in the evening. Watch for sudden insight or unexpected challenges or responses-perhaps your own.With this aspect happening as the Moon enters Cancer, you might notice matters related to your own sense of security, comfort, or feeling at home might arise. On Tuesday the Sun squares Saturn enabling us to see how we can solve problems and to better appreciate what we have learned about your capacity and gifts for handling issues, challenges, stress, and decisions. Later Tuesday evening Mercury semi-square Venus brings us into some kind of conflict with a matter related to our way of relating in romance, marriage, partnerships, and other intimate experiences. This is one of those times when we can learn about what it means to be discerning and respectful in relationship with those we love. Listening and speaking as if it were the sacred communication that it is, is the best advice for being sensitive to the way we communicate. If we are so wrapped up in our own fantasies and expectations, we might not understand how our disregard for our partners is the opposite of the loving thing to do. Let go of the problems of the day, and be present where you are loved and well-regarded-even if you are alone. Spend some time forgiving and being grateful-both acts that help us clean out our emotional, psychological, and spiritual houses. Show your love with practical, loving kindness.

On Wednesday, the Moon enters Leo and Mercury enters Aquarius. We begin to see and feel the movement of the waxing Moon as the Full Moon influences begin. Mercury entering Aquarius opens us to broader and more far-reaching information, knowledge, and perspectives, in particular in whatever part of your life Aquarius governs. Again, a fixed sign Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, and both planets test our limits in order to expand our thinking and broaden our perspectives. Saturn, the Great Teacher and Uranus the Change Agent, move at decidedly different paces, and point us to moderate, temper and discern what is best in each situation. Sticking to rules or patterns just because we’ve always done something in a particular way or because we have been acting unconsciously- without taking time to understand why we do what we do-now comes to haunt us.

On Thursday the Sun semi-square Uranus heightens our desire for change though not necessarily in a way that makes any sense to us. Unexpected occurrences, a change of plans or the cancellation of some event reminds us that we are not in control. We find ourselves seeking new ways of handling old issues, and of looking outside the box for surprising gifts that change brings us.

Friday, February 14, Valentine’s Day, is an active day. The Sun in Aquarius seisquadrate Jupiter in Cancer may find us living in an outmoded set of expectations or fantasies, or both. A niggling feeling that we should be or deserve to be something or somewhere we are not may cloud our thinking and weigh us down unnecessarily. Watch to see if moods are unstable, and take some time to bring some calm into your life. Let unstable emotions signal real needs to you, and use your breath, movement, mind, and focus to gain some control over shifting and wavering emotional drifts. The Sun trines Mars on Friday energizing and infusing us with a strong sense of purpose, decision, and activity. We feel more confident, and we take the initiative to make things happen and to move a situation that has been stalled. We move into a period of greater flexibility, and we gain clarity and focus about what we need to do and how we need to do it.

On Saturday, Mercury semi-square Pluto brings home a lesson about transition and transformation that we have been waiting to hear. Communication, though somewhat stressful, makes us aware that we have choices about how we view and understand what is going on. We can fall into the trap of feeling trapped, or we can see that we have chosen a new path, and that part of the new path involves learning the ropes and coming to find our place in a new situation, role, or relationship. No one has all the answers, though some would like you to believe they do. Get realistic about who and where you are. If you were supposed to know everything, you’d be living on a planet alone. We are here to learn from and with one another, and the process is one of awakening. If we fight it at every step, we slow our journey and delay our pleasure. You’re the mouse, go get the cheese. Learn your way around all types of emotional, psychological, physical, or whatever type of block is stopping you. Resistance is normal, but not a static state of being. Identity it, and move on. Mercury stationed retrograde a degree away from Neptune, Lord of the Depths. Neptune in Pisces is also trine the North Node, indicating we are still at a threshold of a major change in our journey, and we all need to cleanse on the deepest levels of our being, individually and collectively. By cleansing, I am describing the process of becoming more aware and not of getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit our picture of reality.

On Saturday, Mercury conjuncts the Sun in Aquarius. Clarity, focus, and purpose come into alignment, and what we communicate (in whatever form it takes) now finds its own channel. We are able to see clearly and communicate clearly what it is we understand. A good time to put your message out, and then be ready for the results, responses, or reactions for your message will be received clear as a bell.

This week the inner planets, the Moon, and the Sun play on the playground with the big kids-Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus, and we see both the big picture (Aquarian perspective) and the personal and micro view (Leonine view). With the Full Moon highlighting our need to integrate these two views as a way of living with greater purpose, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Look beyond your fears and spend some time contemplating how your need to be right or in control is hampering you from being a fully-functioning and happy person. Choose Life, and let go of those negative messages that are stopping you from heading in the direction that will bring you your highest good, excellent health, and happiness.

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