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Full Moon Horoscope for January 10 to 16, 2014

This Astrologically dramatic Holiday Season is behind us. Yet, the Full Moon this week, January 15th, represents a culmination of the initiatives and hard decisions of the New Moon on New Years Day. The initiatives and even the attitudes of 2 weeks ago are reflected back to us as circumstances and events. Even though this forecast week is relatively mellow, as far as Astrological events are concerned, the Full Moon will bring in something heavy. The indicators tell of an even, calm, and methodical flow to life that abruptly hits a wall on Wednesday. The wall is formed by Venus in Capricorn square Mars in Libra and the Full Moon. Here hard choices are suggested. Rules and rights, power and populus, stoicism and hedonism are some of the contrasts that we may see represented by events in our lives. Another interesting factor is the astronomical point of the Moon’s apogee, which is called “Lilith” in Astrology. The Moon is near its apogee or furthest away at this Full Moon and near Lilith. Lilith is symbolic of the Dark Mother. Mythologically she was Adam’s first wife. She symbolizes the darker realities. The shadow emotions that we feel, but hide away. She creates without the impetus of the Divine Father.

This week brings a Full Moon where feelings are deepened as we confront contrary currents. Take the high road. Take the being shown what you do not want as guidance, rather than as a fight.

The focus continues to be on your career. There is progress to be made this week. Praise, compliments, and cooperation come your way this weekend. The Full Moon January 15th brings new awareness about where you stand in your career. Please stick up for yourself if you feel disrespected. Family issues come up that open up old wounds for yourself or someone whom you care about. Do what you can to de-escalate an argument.

This weekend you are able to coordinate some plans with close friends or a partner. Time to imagine how you want to enjoy your year ahead. Come up with vacation plans for which you can have enthusiasm and that fit in the budget. Cover the few days around the Full Moon January 15th with a blanket of caution and patience. Tempers may flare, particularly at your workplace. Be sure to stridently follow proper processes and procedures with work duties. Delve deep mentally and you can create a more positive outlook for yourself.

Initially this week is very positive for instituting good credit and business practices. Make some solid plans about how to improve your credit and security. Accept added responsibilities on the job and be reliable. You are needed. The Full Moon illuminates your finances and productivity. Hold back from taking financial or emotional risks. Delve deep in thought or meditation to find new avenues for income. There are many good ideas; just align with one and the the possibilities build.

This weekend brings comfort and affection. Connect to those who are reliable and trustworthy. Communicate with a partner until you feel sure about their contribution to your mutual relationship. Get the answers that you need. The Full Moon January 15th has others waiting for you to take the lead. Be the quiet but clear voice of reason while emotions and tempers flare up. Remain impervious to accusations dredged up from the past.

This weekend is your weekend to make things better. You are provided with opportunities to get healthier, calmer, and improve your work environment. Demonstrate your stability and reliability and your personal relationships and romantic opportunities improve. Vulnerability does not attract positive attention for long. The 3 days around the Full Moon January 15th brings contentious work issues to the fore. What seemed to be rolling along smoothly runs into divergent opinions. The Full Moon, also, illuminates how well you have been looking after your health.

This weekend you attract cooperation.Be sure to clearly express what you want, need, and expect from compatriots, co-creators, and kids. Creative business activities begin to payoff. The three days around the Full Moon January 15th you are drawn into drama involving friends and associates. Do not underestimate how low others may go. Maintain emotional and financial boundaries, stridently.

This weekend you can see plans developing positively. Enhance your income and security. Organise papers and files. Find cooperation at home, with family and friends. The days around the Full Moon January 15th illuminate your career. Keep the career paths viable by being reliable. This is not the time to toss out the old or burn bridges. Change may be happening in your career, but juggle 2 or 3 options at once before you make a choice.

The weekend provides good caring feelings and supportive conversations. You run into people whom you care about. The stability gets shaken up with the Full Moon January 15th. Plans for creating change in business and lifestyle get a push. An unexpected problem brings extra work to you. Believe it when you see it, when dealing with potential opportunities that are based far away. Address any health issue that comes up, because it could have an impact for months.

A solid reputation is what is helping you to connect to new opportunities this weekend. Build upon the success that you have had. Reaching out to past clients works. Do not be reluctant to promote yourself. With the Full Moon January 15th you have a foot in the door to business opportunity and greater personal influence. Cooperate with a friend, rather than competing. Yet, take what opportunities that you may to develop your business position. Emotional and romantic play gets serious.

This weekend connecting with reliable friends or professional associates will bring positive attention and praise. Enjoy. Pleasant socializing may lead to income opportunities. The Full Moon January 15th signals drama. Events in relationships and career ask you to stretch your comfort zone. You are required to deal with people in a direct and bold manner. Interesting business ideas that include new technologies come up Thursday.

You have a deja vu this weekend. Somethings do not seem to change. Take the responsibilities that are your obligation. The Full Moon January 15th brings attention to your health, well-being, and your work. Attend to any health issues that come up, because they may be the tip of the iceberg. Be careful to follow proper procedures on the job, this week. Any missed processes will be noticed. Be careful about what emotions you express. Friends do not make the best therapists.

This weekend offers pleasant social connections and positive community involvement. You can work together with like minded people towards a common goal. The Full Moon January 15th illuminates your creativity and what you want to do with it. The world draws creativity out of you. It is up to you to fill the role that is expected or to do your own thing. The business perspective has its own set of expectations, too. The potential is here for you to open a deep reserve of creative ideas.

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