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Full Moon in Cancer, Sun in Capricorn: Cardinal Signs Activated

Catherine Al-Meten

The Moon in January, is transiting the constellation of Cancer. Peaking in her fullness at 25/58 Cancer, the Moon opposes the Sun at 25/58 Capricorn. Anyone born with personal planets between 23-29 degrees of one of the Cardinal signs, should notice a strong influence at this Full Moon time. The Cardinal signs include: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Notice where these signs are in your life/chart, and in your progressed chart as well. The signs ruling this Full Moon and the Sun, Cancer and Capricorn, highlight both our private and public lives. Cancer focuses our attention on our emotional and security needs, on our domestic life and homes, and on our ability to nourish and protect ourselves and those we love. Capricorn, on the other hand, focuses our attention on our public life, career, public reputation, and responsibilities. The Capricorn Sun focuses us on how we get along with our neighbors and how we meet our obligations in community.

The Full Wolf Moon is also called the Moon After Yule, the Old Moon, and some tribes call it the Snow Moon. When the winter snows cover the ground, the wolf’s howl can be heard in the forest. According to the website, Indian Country this name appears nowhere in Indian lore. According to this site, the Algonquin word for this moon, squochee kesos, means Sun has not strength to thaw. The Haida in Alaska call this moon, taan kungaay, meaning bear hunting moon. The Hopi name for the January moon is paamuya meaning moon of life at its height. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we call it atalka, meaning stay inside, and that’s just what most of us are doing. The Moon which looks to me like the ice moon shining. No matter what you call the Full Moon in Cancer in January, it is sure to shine its light on you this week.

The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, and is exalted when transiting this sign. The Moon moves in an elliptical orbit around the Earth orbiting West to East. Our closest neighbor, the Moon is located approximately 240,000 miles from our surface. In some astrological traditions, the Moon is more important than the Sun. Ruling our emotional natures, the Moon most certainly has a more obvious effect on our daily lives than we might notice with other planets or the Sun. In a child’s chart, the Moon is very important to watch. The Moon in Cancer represents the Mother and the Sun in Capricorn represents the Father. The Moon also represents our home and our sense of feeling grounded and ‘at home‘ with ourselves. The Moon also represents how we nurture ourselves as the Sun represents how we take care of our role in society, serving and caring for others. When the Moon peaks in her fullness on Wednesday night (11:29 PM EST/9:29 PST), she will have already spend much of her transit through Cancer, so you should notice what is coming to fullness in your life at that time.

The first Full Moon of 2014 or the last Full Moon of the Lunar Cycle? As both are the case, this can be experienced as a major transition point for us all. What do we do at thresholds between what we have set into motion with our intentions, actions, and desires, and what we are beginning to act upon? We surrender to our higher power and forge onward, open and receptive to what we have helped set into motion.

The basic focus of this Full Moon in Cancer in opposition with the Sun in Capricorn, seems to be about uniting our sense of what makes us feel at home with ourselves and our most intimate connections, and what kind of community, society, and world are we working to help create? As I wrote about earlier today in a retreat-in-daily life, this is a time when we are thinking outside-the-box about how we are responding or resisting the inner call to fulfillment and happiness. Not only do we need to meet our obligations and responsibilities to others, but also we need to nurture and nourish ourselves. This Full Moon period offers us the opportunity to tune into the energy that we are receiving at any give time, and to channel and redirect that energy into areas that help us achieve greater balance and live more harmoniously.

During the last week, Jupiter in Cancer reached its annual direct opposition to the Sun on January 5, basically putting the Earth in between the Sun and Jupiter. This is a time of optimism where we feel a sense of power and well being. We may better understand why our overreaching and pushiness is less helpful than being open and receptive to the natural flow of what is meant to unfold in our lives. Taking care of business does not mean we take care of the results. Learning the balance point between doing and surrender, is crucial now. And at this Full Moon in Cancer, you will see, feel, sense, understand, and experience directly just what it is that your energy has brought forth in your life, and what is missing and necessary for your survival and happiness. Facing the truth of yourself is a key gift of this Full Moon in Cancer. Pay attention to your true desires, and be receptive to the unfolding of life with its gifts, abundance, and healing. Notice the areas of your life where you feel the most resistance, and consider that there are two ways of dealing with that resistance: remove what is causing the distress or cease resisting.

We are entering a power-packed week with energy being dispersed in all directions. With Mercury’s entry into Aquarius on Saturday, January 11, this Full Moon time is sure to shine its light on all types of innovative, unconventional, avant garde, radical, out-of-the box, idiosyncratic, maverick, and perhaps even downright wackadoodle, ideas and actions and in all forms of communication. With Mercury’s entry into Aquarius, we are affected not only by what we are learning but also by how we learn and acquire new knowledge and how we exchange information. This is a time when creative, innovative, and progressive ideas take the lead. Striking out and taking bold, courageous stands and steps forward is characteristic of Mercury’s journey through Aquarius. After grounding our communication through the Capricorn transit, we are now more solidly focused on the ideas, interests, and directions we feel drawn to.

What is important for us at this time is to notice what is calling for our attention, calling us to resolve or heal, calling us to express or do, and then set forth to use your gifts to communicate, express, and act according to what is for your highest good, excellent health, and true joy and happiness. Full Moons are times of fulfillment especially in relationships, so move one step at a time, closer to allowing yourself to give and receive love in more fulfilling ways.

Venus in 18/24 degrees of Capricorn, is more than halfway through her retrograde journey behind the Sun. At this point, we are more aware of our security needs in love than we seem to be in our romantic desires. We want what we want now, and with all the trimmings, or we may find that we can wait no longer for fulfillment. These are typical feelings at this stage of Venus retrograde cycle. First we become more deeply aware of our needs, and then we recognize where lack of fulfillment has left us empty or missing key elements. To act on these feelings, is probably ill-advised, as the retrograde phase simply gives us a deep, full-spectrum understanding of our emotional nature and our desire for to love and be loved. We recognize very practical needs, and long for something that may or may not exist. The purpose of the uncovering of real feelings is not to try to meet them as much as it is to acknowledge that these are our feelings and needs. Realistic or not, they belong to us, and are not the responsibility of someone else, namely our partners, to meet.

What we miss in relationship, is missing within ourselves. So first just look at what is rising up, and notice how these feelings, urges, or needs may be connected to some area of our life where we can work on healing. Venus’ aspects this week, and the Full Moon in Capricorn along with Pluto’s long transit through Capricorn, are driving home the point to us that what is lacking in our ability to love and be loved, goes far beyond finding the ‘perfect’ mate or finding the ‘right’ job. We are called upon to discover the roots to our own happiness within, so that we can heal, grow, and relate to others and through our work, as a whole person, not one in search of completion.

Venus sextiles Saturn this weekend, January 10-11, highlighting what it is that we have been learning about the true nature of our relationships and our experiences of love. When dealing with business partners, this is a great stage of development. When dealing with romantic partners, we discover the pragmatic aspects of our relationships do help ground and steady the course of true love.

Just before the Full Moon peaks, January 14-15, Venus in Capricorn semi-squares Neptune in Pisces. This may result in some aggravations, miscommunication, or faulty, fuzzy thinking that arises out of places of insecurity and fear. Notice how you are allowing yourself to slip into fear-based patterns of thinking, and how you might change the way you are viewing a situation, conditions, or relationship.

Venus in Capricorn squares Mars in Libra on the 15-16 of January. This aspect, triggered by the Full Moon in Cancer, also leads to rising temperatures and competitiveness in relationships and other partnerships. Watch to see how the energy of Mars in Libra...’action with thought and direction unlike typical Mars energy’, and Venus in Capricorn, ‘show me now in practical ways’ energy collide. This could spark romance, or it could spark disagreements. Sexual tension is high, and hopefully will be channeled into more enjoyable, stimulating, passionate, and exciting ways that might otherwise be the case. Kiss and make up, and enjoy the energy that arises from getting past issues you knock heads with someone over. Dance it out. Sing it out. Make love. Write a poem or a song. Do something positive with this energy. Don’t let it trap you in outmoded patterns of fear-based behavior.

The Sun in Capricorn semi-squares Chiron, shortly before the Full Moon peaks on January 15. This aspect lends itself to learning through healing in the broken places. Our fears and insecurities may be strong at this time. We can use this awareness to remind ourselves of how we operate when we are attracted to something or someone, or when we feel our happiness or search for fulfillment threatened. What in ourselves, is holing us back or creating fear where there need not be fear?

On January 17, Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Uranus in Aries, bringing us surprising news, information, or results via electronic media. Both planets in the early degrees of their signs, indicate that something new is being unfolded, being revealed, or starting up. When we trust our intuition, dreams, or gut feelings, we are likely to be let to an opening we have been seeking. This is a time when we receive inspiration, and it is also a time when shocking and surprising secrets are revealed. Be receptive to what comes in whatever way it comes. You will likely be as surprised at how something happens or someone appears in your life, that what is communicated. What may not have worked out in the past, is now released from whatever trappings held it back, and now we move forward.

Mars in Libra seisquiquadrate Neptune in Pisces, the same day as the Mercury sextile to Uranus, may also be rather shocking as communications may lead us into a state of disorientation and confusion. We may respond from a place of deep psychological wounding or out of our unconscious shadow elements. Whatever took place to cause original wounds, is rising up to be coped with once again in light of events taking place around us or in the lives of those we love. We are affected by the lives of people we love, regardless of where they are. What is coming up from the shadows is meant to help in the healing process, though as Mars usually delivers the message in rather overt, harsh ways, we may be caught off guard and find ourselves reeling. Notice that this is something that deeply disturbs us internally; not something that necessarily causes external changes. When we are dealing with an emotional or psychological issue, our outer lives may be affected so this is simply a forewarning not to push yourself to work beyond your capacity or to make decisions when you are dealing with a great deal of inner turmoil.

Again, if what is causing this situation is ongoing, ask yourself if you can remove yourself from the situation or can you stop fighting the inevitable? Our lives are in process and we have many opportunities to make changes, alter our thinking and behavior, and tune into the spiritual energy that guides all of life. When we find we are without the tools and support we need, we need to ask ourselves, what is missing? When we are ill-equipped to deal with things, we are given chances to pinpoint what the heart of the matter is. This aspect of Mars to Neptune, is one of those times when we can gain great clarity, and make some simple choices to alleviate our lives of harmful distress and choices. While this aspect seems like a short-lived one, it can be crucial for those who have been looking for a sign. Sometimes the sign is within. Stop, look, listen, and discern what the sign is for you. Enjoy the fullness of this Full Moon, as you appreciate and honor the gifts that your life blesses you with.

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