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Full Moon at 25 degrees of Cancer

Hi, Everyone,

There is a very emotional full moon at 25 degrees of Cancer, which occurs at 11:52 EST this evening. This is a particularly sensitive full moon, as it sets off the upcoming Grand Cross of planets involving Uranus, the planet of disruption; Pluto, the planet of death and renewal; Jupiter, the planet of exaggeration; and Mars, the planet of war. This Grand cross will be exact on April 28, 2014; however, we are starting to feel the effects, which means lots of crazy headlines in the news and in our own lives.

This Full moon is also the same degree as the Lunar Eclipse, which occurred on October 18, 2013. You might get some resolution or closure regarding issues which surfaced last fall. This is also a highly volatile and emotional full moon so try to find balance to nurture yourself in the emotional chaos. People will be very unpredictable right now, so be prepared.

-- Tisch

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