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Full May Moon in Scorpio, Healing Light

Rising Full Moon
Rising Full Moon
Catherine Al-Meten

“Anticipation is sometimes more exciting than actual events.”
― Ana Monnar

The anticipation leading up to the Full Moon in Scorpio in 23/56 degrees on Wednesday, May 14, 2014, mayhave been very intense. Some may think of anticipation as something akin to anxiety or dread, but this time of anticipation is full of promise, creative inspiration, and desire for the full expression of one's feelings expressed into action. Full Moons express the coming together of all experience into unity, oneness, and completion. What was set into motion in the past has weathered the storms and overcome the obstacles that rose up along the way. Now we witness what it is that we have helped create in and around us.

This Full Moon highlights the spectrum of experiences and responses between the two spectrums -Taurus' earthy groundedness in opposition to the Moon in Scorpio's depths of mystery, inner turmoil and longings- rising up within our own being. The Sun, represents the actions we express whatever area of our lives it has been transiting.

With the polarities of Taurus-Scorpio at work here, the questions, issues, conflicts, and attractions occur over how well we balance our needs for personal freedom, full expression, and personal autonomy with our desire to plumb the depths of our own psyche, the mysteries of our personal and collective consciousness, in whatever areas of our lives this Full Scorpio Moon and Taurus Sun highlight and activate.
Here are the possibilities:

First-Seventh House Polarity. First House represents how we express ourselves in the world, how others perceive us, and the mask/role we project through our personality, character, and soul expression. Seventh House represents that area of our lives that where we express ourselves and seek fulfillment, though our most intimate relationships, parnerships, and marriages (hopefully, a marriage includes the other qualities as well).

Second-Eighth House Polarity. The Second House represents how we have come to value ourselves. What do we say our worth is based upon? How have we accepted the programming that we are to behave in a certain way, and not in another? Most of us face the conflicts inherent in living according to our own sense of identity or living according to what someone else expects us to be. Now is the time to pay attention to how we define ourselves, how we tell ourselves and others who we are, and how we are using our resources. Eighth house issues pertain to how we use our power, sexual and creative energies, and how are valued in community. Eighth house issues also pertain to the deeper exploration of spiritual energy, traditions, and esoteric knowledge.

Third-Ninth House Polarity. The Third House represents communications, our immediate community, brothers and sisters, and how we express ourselves. Ninth House dealings include higher education and advanced forms of thought. It represents all connection to and dealings with people and ideas of a foreign nature. International travel, cross cultural connections, and movement across time and space. For the individual it represents that area of life that feeds in, trains you for, or helps you bring to fullness, the creative power of your mind, intellect, and philosophical/spiritual identity.

Fourth-Tenth House Polarity. The Fourth House represents where we came into life and the innate drives, desires, and destiny that we brought into this incarnation. Home, self, that sense of feeling at home with one's self. Home is the place where you reside as well as how you define the entire sense of feeling at home with yourself. Home is where you find time and space for rest, refreshment, healing, and nourishment. Connected to our base/root chakra needs for grounding, connection, and a physical sense of safety and security. Tenth House issues relate to our life purpose or calling. For some this includes career, but the entire pull of the 10th house is to discover and create that special purpose that you came into life with. Using our talents, gifts, intellect, wits, and discernment to determine what feeds our purpose and what is drawing us away from that fulfillment.

Fifth-Eleventh House Polarity. Fifth house represents our creative energy, children, pleasure and enjoyment of life including romance and affairs of the heart. Fifth house is about personal pleasure while the Eleventh House is about our relationships with and within groups. Our institutional relationships and friendship circles, our community and connections with others. Friendships. The emphasis in the 11th house is on the good of the whole group.

Sixth-Twelfth House Polarity. The Sixth House represents your physical being and health, your day-to-day activity, what you spend your time doing each day, and how well you are taking care of your total well being. Twelfth house represents the hidden, the Unconscious, the mysteries, the shadow aspects of our being. Twelfth house represents our capacity and power to access and become more aware through intuition, dreams, visions, and all the intuitive senses.

Look at where the Sun in Taurus is transiting, and where the Moon in Scorpio will come to fullness on Wednesday. That area of your life should be lively, and will affect other areas of life as well. This Full Moon in Scorpio is reaching fullness after conjuncting Saturn during Saturn's slow transit into the unconscious realms of Scorpio. Whatever has been churning up to the surface, now gets expressed in a big way. When we have failed to try to integrate the disparities, recognize the complexities, and deal with some of the ambiguities that keep us bound to decisions that are no longer viable or healthy, this Full Moon transit can bring everything to the surface for some kind of much-needed expression.

The Moon in Libra the three days before the Full Moon in Scorpio, takes us on a short trip through some of the areas of ambiguity and conflict that may still be lingering in the immediate area of your life. Notice what seems to need attention, recognition, or acknowledgment from now until the Moon enters Scorpio. Libra continues to call us to harmonize our lives through relationships. Cooperation in partnerships, collective effort in relationships, and personal reflection and discernment are favored.

Moon in Scorpio, makes this a passionate Full Moon, full of intensity, emotional excess, and revelation. What we feel now, we feel deeply for we are discerning that most intimate part of ourselves that connects us to what we really love and desire. If we can use our personal power to act on our own behalf, for our personal best interests, we can develop a healthy way to break some old, worn out patterns of thinking, behaving, and relating. Imagine the Moon is calling you to stand in your own truth and do just one or two things that are for your own good. It may be something simple like eating better, or something a bit more challenging, like listening to what old fear, habits, or thinking are rooted in. To disconnect from that which holds us bound to something or someone where our energy is trapped, blocked, or repressed, we need to take the first steps to recogniz and then pull our energy back into our own sphere of influence. Notice, for example, right now, one place where your thoughts are trapped. For example, perhaps you are unresolved about participating in some activitiy. What are the fears, thoughts, senses that inform you about that activity and lack of decision? Identifying and bringing such thought to consciousness, are the first steps in the process of disconnecting. Next step would be to understand that my thinking about something carries the weight of my energy with it. The more we focus on something, the more energy and power it gets. How can we release our connections from all the places where our energy is being carried? The Full Moon will bring this fully into awareness.

This Week.

Sunday. In the wee small hours of the morning, you might have been awakened, as I was, by the Venus opposition to Mars. Venus in Aries and Mars in Libra boil over into our lives with a sense of urgency to express meeting up with resistance from Mars in its last few days retrograde in Libra. Our desires seem clear; our ability to act upon them continues to seem thwarted. Times like these often lead to impulsive or rash decisions or actions. Use your discretion, and channel this energy into journaling ideas to create action plans, goals, or lists. Not a great time to create or feed into drama in any way. Practice mindfulness, exercise, or tackle a big chore (clean out the fridge or reorganize the closet).

Later in the morning, Mercury in Aries squares Neptune in Pisces creating steam heat or an explosion of some kind. Perhaps a brilliant burst of energy or a sudden idea that arises from some unconscious or mysterious part of your being. Notice dreams, flashes of intuition, or prescient feelings urging you to pay attention to your inner knowledge. Awareness is crucial for using this energy. Otherwise it may just a appear as a sharp blast or wasted effort in an unnecessary area.

In the afternoon, the Moon in Libra first squares Pluto perhaps having us crying in our beer over some task we seem to have to repeat over and over, and, well you get the idea. Then the Moon in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries, coming in on a burst of news, a sudden event, or an incident that throws us for a loop. The Moon deals with our emotional responses as well as our body's reaction to the tidal floes (often connected to some of our moods). Notice how you are feeling, and use the experience to become more mindful about how certain thoughts felt while under pressure from the unexpected awareness, news, or event (Mercury squaring Neptune), lead you to feel, respond, or think later. Lastly, the Moon in Libra squares Jupiter. An emotional trigger may cause us to react to something that should be good news as if it were the end of the world. Thought is energy, and thoughts have power. Watch what your thoughts are doing to control, direct, and color your perspective on life right now. Be mindful, patient, and discerning. Take in what is rising up, and let yourself be aware of but not drawn into negative thinking that is blocking or creating obstacles where none need be. Release, observe what has passed, and be still where you are. No need to rush or fix, to hurry or do anything at all. Let things be.

Monday. The Moon moves into Scorpio on Monday, and the only major aspect is in the late-afternoon or early evening, when Mercury which just entered Gemini on May 7 trines Mars in Libra (retrograde). Since Mercury has been in Gemini, thinking as been speeded up, thoughts, ideas, and energetic loads of all kinds have been flying in all directions. If you have felt a bit spacey or if signals seem confusing, you are probably picking up on the frenetic energy of Mercury in Gemini. Deals are being made, decisions are confirmed, and whatever has been released over the last few weeks has created room for new life. While Mars is still in its retrograde phase for a bit longer, and in the sign of Libra (balancing and harmonizing), actions may not happen right away, but the momentum is moving forward, and the anticipation is building up even if we do not know much about outcomes.

Tuesday. The waxing Moon in Scorpio moves us through Tuesday with some minor aspects to Mercury(Gemini), Venus (Aries), Pluto(Capricorn), and finally, Uranus (Aries)-all areas where our emotional senses may be heightened. Notice which areas of your life this waxing full moon is transiting prior to its fullness on Wednesday. These are areas of life that may need attention, focus, or some discernment.

Wednesday. The Full Moon in Scorpio-Full Flower Moon, the Milk Moon, Corn-Planting Moon in the Northern Hemisphere, the Hunter's Moon, Beaver Moon, or Frost Moon in the Southern Hemisphere. Reaching its fullness at 12:17 PDT/3:17 EDT, the Full Moon in Scorpio.

Before the Full Moon peaks, there are two powerful aspects. The first is Jupiter in Cancer trining Chiron in Pisces, is energized by the waxing fullness of this Moon. Some type of healing and blessing comes to add its influence to the energy of this Full Moon. We read a point or receive the grace of a healing blessing that is activating and expressing itself in a powerful way throughout this lunar and solar cycle. This could be a day you look back on as key in a decision to reach, a new step you take, or a door you close and another you open. Be willing to release your focus on what has been released in your life, and be open and receptive to answers to your prayers. We may feel we are receiving the perfect message or being given the exact sign we need to help us make a connection that leads to healing.

The second aspect is Venus in Aries square Pluto, the Great Transformer, in Capricorn. A chaotic mess of emotions, mixed feelings, confusion, jealousy, and possessiveness rises up in passionate expression. The underlying motivation and causes of this emotional storm is unclear, hidden, and intentionally being kept in the shadows. When we feel our desires thwarted, our work and creativity undervalued, or our needs left unmet, there is a tendency for us to reach a point of overload. This is such a point, where if you have been seeking support, resources, and acknowledgment in some area of your life, you will now feel the full force of your met or unmet passions, and will feel the need to act out, speak out, or somehow express these feelings. Be aware that your own expectations are what created the impasse. The path of transformation is already underway, and though we cannot see the end result, or control all that the process is about, we still feel the need to keep our hands on the wheel. Time to acknowledge that this life works best as a constant state of seeking grace, releasing the need to control, and to submitting to the power and will of Divine right and perfect action, regardless of what we do or don't do. Such a huge lesson for us when we think we have to be or do or have just one more thing or idea to be enough. Acknowledge the conflicting energies at work in your life at this time, and seek a place of comfort, mindfulness, and presences to soak all this in. Be conscious and aware of what is motivating you. Be mindful and present, and avoid being manipulative, grasping, or disruptive. Pluto reminds us, "it's not just about 'me'" and Uranus in Aries is all about what makes 'me' happy. Therein lies the conflict. How do you best reconcile this conflict within yourself? How do you keep this clear when in relationship?

Mercury also forms a stress aspect to Pluto later in the evening. This can raise issues through either an exchange or through a message, over some unresolved decision. This aspect often signals a period of reassessing or second guessing our intentions or the motivations and intentions of others in light of our relationships. Avoid getting too wrapped up in depressing and unnecessary self flagellation. No decision needs to be made. If in doubt, don't. At the very least, hold off on taking rash actions, or making poorly timed decisions.

The Sun in Taurus forms a seisquiquadrate to Mars in Libra later in the evening. Beware of acting out or engaging in conflicts. Aggression and acting on repressed feeling and pent up energy is likely but not advised. Conflicts may be on the surface at this time, highlighted by all the introspective churnings and the full force of the Moon's fullness at the peak of fullness. The battles over Taurean's need for practicality, beauty, trust, and need for a sense of grounded knowing fly in the face of Scorpio's deep, inner need to protect, savor, and find purpose and meaning in the hidden, mysterious, and deeper elements of consciousness and life. The conflict between what we see, say, do and what we feel, know, and understand, particularly in relation to our own identity in and apart from relationships. Use the energy creatively, constructively, and much can be achieved.

Thursday. During the early part of Thursday, we are heavily drenched in the energy of the Full Moon. Later Mercury in Gemini continues to make a beeline in its orbit, forming sextiles to both Venus in Aries and Uranus in Aries. Shortly afterward Venus in Aries forms an exact conjunction with Uranus. Something pretty powerful and eye and heart-opening may be revealed or understood at this time. Expect the unexpected, and be prepared for sudden, surprising, and perhaps shocking ideas and opportunities to arise. Deep-seated desires are triggered and we feel and contemplate the need for change and desire for something different from what we usually seek. We may feel the need to be more adventurous, to explore into the mysterious or hidden areas of our own or the lives of others. Can be a creative time if using this energy for writing, solving problems, decoding or unraveling mysteries. Something significant is revealed on some level of our experience (we may hear something or dream something, feel/sense something, or receive information that clarifies).

Friday. The Moon has moved into Sagittarius, and our emotional energy is focused more on action and thought than expression and reflection. The Moon makes a number of aspects throughout the day, trines to Uranus and Venus during the night (sweet, revealing dreams). Later, the Moon opposes Mercury (crossed signals or disagreements) and then squares Chiron in Pisces. When the Moon aspects the inner and outer planets after a powerful full moon, we can think of Luna spreading moon dust to trigger different responses, turn over new territory, uproot old patterns, thoughts, and habits, and remind us that we now act according to the energy created through previous thought. Notice what is being called to change in our thought and behavior patterns. Self reflection is a helpful tool for discovering the roots of some of the issues before us. Pulling up the issues by the roots enables us to make a fresh start. Whatever you carry forward with you, remains a part of your energy field, and continues to influence. Lighten up your load, release what has fallen apart or away. Enter into this third quarter of the lunar month with the fullness of what you have within you now, and an appreciation for the process and blessings that continue to pull you, engage you, and use you to fulfill your purpose and to connect with and to love and serve others.
Saturday morning, Mercury in Gemini squares Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in Pisces. Something painful, revelatory, or vital to one's understanding, occurs when Mercury sets off action related to how we are healing through our woundedness.

Overall Observations. The Full May Moon in Scorpio is cleansing us of whatever has been broken, empty, or wounded. Wherever the Grand Cardinal Cross highlighted the areas of your life that have been wounded and are in need of healing, we find ourselves being purified through the elemental energies that now surround and fill us. The Mars retrograde cycle has turned over a number of unhealed areas of our lives where we need to heal. With the energy of the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio, we have been given an opportunity at this full moon to connect our conscious, emotions and awareness with deep-seated issues that have become manifest. Healing takes place when we no longer have repressed feelings, but have allowed them to rise to the fullness of expression....only then can we begin to integrate their meaning into life. So many of us seek the reasons why for everything. We might get some of those answers now, however, the real power is the power we have to change and move further in our development-body, mind, spirit, and all elements of our being.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is conjunct Saturn, and is acting as a piercing laser to cut into the deep woundedness that has been repressed within us. Notice also where Neptune at 7 degrees of Pisces is, as this points to the area of your life where energetic healing requires major cleansing and transformation. This marks the point in your life where you need to seek release from all toxins, negativity, poisons, and unhealthy situations that may be causing you more harm than good. Healing comes after the full moon as we begin to slowly take simple steps to create a healthier body, mind, spirit, emotional and psychological energy.

This Full Moon puts us in diret contact with and provides us what we need to understand, exactly what it is, within our selves, that needs to be healed in order for the relationships, projects, external experiences we have to heal and develop in a way that enhances well being. Take an active role in cleansings, purifying, refining, and enhancing what serves us. What gifts, talents, tools, resources and knowledge are in your treasure chest? How do you need to care for and nourish yourself so you can continue your journey with fewer burdens and more energy and strength? Spend some time taking care of the details that detur you from moving forth on projects, choices, and deicisions.

"God descends to earth like fresh spring rain, and at every level his grace is received differently. For some it feels like love, for others like salvation. It feels like safety and warmth at one level, like coming home at another.”
― Deepak Chopra, Why Is God Laughing?: The Path to Joy and Spiritual Optimism

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