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‘Full House’ reunion: Men comfort Jimmy Fallon on ‘Late Night’

Jimmy Fallon has been having a lot of fun with his upcoming transition from “Late Night” to the “Tonight Show.” In a “Late Night” skit that aired Jan. 29, Fallon turned once again to nostalgic fun when the men of “Full House” reunited to help the comedian with his anxieties about leaving the show.

Jimmy Fallon reunites Bob Saget, John Stamos and Dave Coulier, as their "Full House" characters, in a "Late Night" skit.
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

The skit starts with Fallon, awaking restlessly from a bad dream. He calls out, “Dad, Dad!” Bob Saget then appears, reprising his role as Danny Tanner from “Full House,” and the lights come up to reveal “Late Night” is going for a full-on “Full House” parody.

Little Jimmy Fallon is dressed in children’s pajamas and living in what appears to be Michelle Tanner’s bedroom. Fallon confesses to Danny that he is being scared about leaving “Late Night.” True to ABC's classic TGIF sitcom shtick, Uncle Jesse (John Stamos, who also reprises his mullet) and Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier, wearing one of his trademark bad sweaters) join Danny to offer Little Jimmy some feel-good moments.

The “Full House” skit offers a number of inside jokes familiar to fans of the ABC show. Danny offers his catchphrase, “Wake up, San Francisco!” Joey offers a series of impressions and even does his Popeye laugh and brings out Mr. Woodchuck. And it wouldn’t be a “Full House” moment without references to Jesse’s hair or his band, the Rippers.

Beyond all these quotable moments, the “Full House” skit fully embraces the sentimentality that marked the show, and turned it unto a teachable moment for Fallon.

Fallon admits, in that lesson-learned moment: "I guess I'll just miss the 'Late Night' show. I've been doing this for five years. There have been so many special moments and so many great musical guests."

Saget, now in full-on Danny/Daddy advice mode, then reminds Fallon he can make new memories at the “Tonight Show” as the sentimental background music cues the emotional response. Little Jimmy is comforted but remains somewhat sad to leave “Late Night,” so it’s up to the men of “Full House” to bring things full circle.

Saget, Stamos and Coulier then complete their roles as the three “dads” of “Full House” by helping Little Jimmy get back to sleep. They sing “Teddy Bear” in an “Uncle Jesse does Elvis” style, naturally. Have mercy.

The "Late Night" skit closes with a moment that would make little Michelle proud. "Goodnight, honey," Saget tells Fallon.

Fallon has five more “Late Night” shows before he takes over as the host of the “Tonight” show on NBC, replacing Jay Leno. SNL comedian and writer Seth Meyers will take over “Late Night.”

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