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Full frontal highlights Fresh Fruit Festival's "(Mary)Todd"

See the unedited sexier image on the play's website.

Who would think there’s a comedy behind the shooting of Abraham Lincoln?

But leave it to one of my favorite writers Dennis Bush (“Love or Whatever”) and the Fresh Fruit Festival to concoct such a notion. Well, okay, so it’s not about President Lincoln but instead about a character named Todd Lincoln. But it in a funny and heartbreaking way tells us, almost the same story in Bush's new play "(Mary)Todd."

Former sex worker Todd Lincoln went out for a night on the town and ended up with his partner’s bloody head in his lap. Now the assistant manager of the Jesus-Washed-Me-White-As-Snow Laundromat, Todd launches a hilarious, heartbreaking, full-frontal assault on life.

Directed by Lester Thomas Shane, the production has adult content and nudity, and is intended for mature audiences.

Part of the 12th Annual Fresh Fruit Festival, “(Mary)Todd” stars Xavier Reminick and plays July 14 and 19 at 9pm.

Bush's movie, "Love or Whatever" was one of my favorite films at the Frameline Film Festival a few years back and he continues to show excellence in his craft.

Reminick has become popular in a lot of fringy plays and shows including the recent "The Lost" and last year's "Franklin Stein."

"(Mary)Todd" plays at the Wild Project in New York's East Village.

Get more information (and see the full sexy picture that won’t let me use) at (You can also see the sexier unedited photos on the won't let me show them.)

You can also check out the Fresh Fruit Festival at

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