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Full 'Conspiracy' spoiler: Stifle, Pernicious Deed, and Edric among the reprints

Stifle is among the many cards reprinted in "Conspiracy"
Wizards of the Coast

Today, June 2, Wizards of the Coast released the full spoiler for the upcoming set, "Conspiracy." Up to now only part of the set had been spoiled. Now, the entire 210-card set has been made available to the public. This has been highly anticipated ever since news broke that Misdirection and Exploration were among the cards that were being reprinted for the set.

Later, video coverage spoiled that Swords to Plowshares and Brainstorm were also being reprinted. If powerful spells like these were being reprinted, the only other question was what else could players expect?

Some of the reprinted highlights include:

  • Swords to Plowshares
  • Brainstorm
  • Stifle
  • Fact or Fiction
  • Misdirection
  • Phage the Untouchable
  • Edric, Spymaster of Trest
  • Mirari's Wake
  • Pernicious Deed
  • Spiritmonger
  • Vedalken Orrery
  • Reflecting Pool

So what does this mean for you, the player and/ or collector? One of the most enticing facts about this set is the opportunity to get these cards in their foiled form. It should be important to note that these cards are only legal in Vintage and Legacy formats with the exception of the 13 Conspiracy cards. Still, having these cards made available on the open market to players who, otherwise, could not get their hands on them is promising.

Conspiracy will be released this Friday, June 6. The suggested MSRP is $3.99. Get them while you still can. While Wizards has said they will continue to print Conspiracy as long as there is a demand, these are sure to sell out quickly.

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