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Full Circle Feed: Dog treats from left over human food

A sustainable use for buffet leftovers
A sustainable use for buffet leftovers
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Have you ever wondered just what happens to all that leftover buffet food at a restaurant? A report by Towanda News, on September 1, 2014 explains that someone else wondered the same thing and did something about the waste. Michael Amadori, founder and CEO of Full Circle Feed, has put the leftover human food to good use by creating “Doggy Bag Treats.”

Employees of this unique dog treat company gather up left over buffet food that would otherwise be dumped into the garbage. According to the report, they only take food that is less than an hour old and quickly transport it to the dog company plant facility. They do not use wasted food that has been served to diners.

The hour old, unserved food, is rinsed to remove any sauces and spices and then it is recooked at a high temperature. The human grade food is then ground up and mixed with wheat flour to make the doggie treats. The treats are then rolled, stamped and baked in the oven.

Amadori is careful not to collect any kind of dessert foods or other foods that are harmful to dogs. The company does not use any preservatives or fillers in making these doggie bag treats, just the left-over food and flour.

Full Circle Feed collects the left-over food from the same casino buffet all the time, so they are sure of the quality and types of food that are served. The casino serves mostly beef and chicken and the menu is usually the same every day.

Amadori started Full Circle Feed because of a sustainability project for his thesis in Ecological Engineering. What started out as fish food, was quickly eaten by his dog and with a few modifications, the new company was born.

Full Circle Feed is manufactured in New York and can be ordered online at their website. Dog owners can also check to see if Doggie Bags are available to them in local pet specialty stores in and near Syracuse, N.Y. The company also has a Facebook page where dog owners can view pictures of the treats.

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