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Full body circuit training is the way to overcome a fitness plateau

Circuit training
Circuit training

Circuit training has always been known as a key function in working out to make to the time easier and less restraint on the muscle groups. However, you can do full body circuit training if you are in a plateau or in rut by trying to reach your next fitness goals whatever they are. Full body circuit training consists of a full body strength training and conditioning program that will enhance the body from head to toe, muscular and aerobically, but these exercises should not be taken very lightly. Most of the exercises will consist of stable, concrete strength training exercises with lighter weights and higher repetitions such as 12-15 and moving from one exercise to the next adding in that aerobic ability.

A great example a circuit would be: Dumbbell Chest Press to Dumbbell Shoulder Press to Lat Pull-downs or Pull-ups or Assisted Pull-ups (Pick one that fits and that you can reach the reps). Then finishing for the biceps with Barbell Curls, the triceps with Triceps Pushdowns and the legs with Dumbbell Squats. This type of circuit can be done in so many different ways, and it can be lightened up even more by using resistance bands for seniors. Everyone that work outs and is trying to overcome a plateau can benefit from circuit training as it can shock the metabolism and help the body get ready for the next steady routine for an increase in stability, strength and power. Circuit training is a great full body work out for the athlete, the everyday exerciser and the senior as it can be designed in so many ways to benefit so many health populations. It can also be done individually or in a group setting. Always consult with your physician before you get involved in an exercise program.