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Fujifilm launches S1, world's first weather-resistant superzoom

The Finepix S1.
The Finepix S1.

In the lead-up to CES 2014, Fujifilm has just announced a slew of new cameras, headlined by the Finepix S1, which the company bills as the world's first weather-sealed superzoom point and shoot camera. On the specification sheet, the S1 shares many similarities with the SL1000, but the weather-sealing put the new camera in a league of its own.

So, what of the new camera?

Aside from the sale feature of being the first superzoom point and shoot to be weather-resistant (but not submersible), the S1 offers a lot of other things to like. For starters, there's the lens: which is a f2.4-5.6 aperture, 50x superzoom optic featuring a 35mm equivalent field of view of 24-1200mm. In plain terms, that's wide angle to astronomical telescope. Not enough reach for you? The S1 also has 2x digital zoom, for a 100x total reach.

As for other features, the S1 utilizes a 16Mp CMOS sensor, which is more pixels than 95% of people reading this will ever need. As for composing pictures, that can be done two ways: via the 3” 920k dot articulating LCD screen or a 920k dot electronic viewfinder, which will be ideal for shooting in bright sunlight.

For the true techno geek: the S1 allows for one-touch wi-fi connectivity as well as remote shootning via smartphone or tablet.

Want one yet? The S1 will ship this March at a cost of $499.

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