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Fuji X-T1 vs. X-Pro1 vs. X-E2: which should I buy?

The X-T1.
The X-T1.

It's official: Fujifilm has announced its X-T1 camera, a SLR-styled, weather-resistant professional grade model that incorporates established technology as well as new innovations. This comes on the heels of rumors and leaks that sent the photographic world abuzz over the past week.. Problem: there's another Fuji X-mount camera, which begs the question: which one is best?

Let's have a look!

X-T1: metal, weather-sealed
X-Pro1: metal
X-E2: metal and plastic
X-T1 wins here

Body Style:
X-Pro1: Rangefinder
X-E2: Rangefinder
To each his own

X-T1: 16Mp
X-Pro1: 16Mp
X-E2: 16Mp
All square

Aspect ratios:
X-T1: 3
X-Pro1: 3
X-E2: 3

X-Pro1: EXR
New is better

White Balance Presets:
X-T1: 8
X-Pro1: 7
X-E2: 7
X-T1 wins

Shutter Speed:
X-T1: 30-1/4000th sec
X-Pro1: 30-1/4000th sec
X-E2: 30-1/4000th sec
Dead heat

Max. ISO
X-T1: 51,200
X-Pro1: 25,600
X-E2: 6400
X-T1 wins

Viewfinder coverage:
X-T1: 100%
X-Pro1: 100%
X-E2: 100%

Viewfinder Type:
X-Pro1: Optical with digital overlay
Optical always wins

X-T1: 3” tilting
X-Pro1: 3” fixed
X-E2: 3” fixed
X-T1 wins

Built-in flash:
X-T1: no
X-Pro1: no
X-E2: yes
X-E2 wins

Continuous drive:
X-T1: 6fps
X-Pro1: 6 fps
X-E2: 7fps
X-E2 wins again

Exposure Compensation:
X-T1: +/- 3
X-Pro1: +/- 2
X-E2: +/- 3
Old loses

AE Bracketing
X-T1: yes (1/3, 2/3, 1EV steps)
X-Pro1: yes (1/3, 2/3, 1 EV steps)
X-E2: yes (1/3, 2/3, 1EV steps)
All square

X-T1: 1080p at 60fps
X-Pro1: 1080p at 24fps
X-E2: 1080p at 60fps
Old loses again

Wi-fi connectivity:
X-T1: built-in
X-Pro1: no
X-E2: built-in
Old loses

X-T1: optional
X-Pro1: no
X-E2: no
New wins

Time Lapse Recording:
X-T1: yes
X-Pro1: no
X-E2: no
New wins here, too

X-T1: 440g
X-Pro1: 450g
X-E2: 350g
X-E2 is the lightweight

So, which to buy?

First, let's start with the undeniable facts. First of all, the X-T1 has the edge in build quality thanks to its 75+ rubber gaskets designed to keep dust and moisture out of the camera, just don't forget to pick up a weather-sealed X-mount lens when they start hitting stores as Fuji has announced 3 such optics. On the viewfinder front, the X-Pro1 wins thanks to its optical viewfinder. Unfortunately, the X-Pro1 is looking rather dated in some areas such as video capability, connectivity, GPS, time lapse recording, and exposure compensation. The X-E2? It's the lightweight in the group, though not without some limitations.

My recommendations?

If viewfinder is a top concern, get the X-Pro1 as it's the only camera in the group to have an optical viewfinder. If you value portability, get the X-E2. Everyone else? Get the X-T1, especially considering its middle of the road (vs the other 2) price point.

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