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Fuji: X-mount cameras helped cut our losses by 60%

Camera maker Fujifilm has been a bit of a also-ran until 2010 and the release of its X100, which then went on to spawn the rangefinder-styled X-mount line of interchangeable lens cameras. However, in a bit of news coming directly from the company itself, there has been an unexpectedly fast turnaround in 2013 thanks to these new products.

So, how good of news is this?

Going into 2013, Fujifilm's imaging division was losing money, a lot of money. However, in the final three quarters of 2013, the imaging division managed to cut its losses by a whopping 60%. In terms of pure numbers, the loss went from 3.9 billion Yen to just 1.7 billion Yen. Yes, while this still translates to about a $15 million loss for 2013, this is an undeniable sign that the company is headed in the right direction.

Additionally, operating income rose by 50% in 2013.

For Fujifilm, the shit in financial success comes on the heel of a new strategy of shifting its market niche from low to high-end products (like the X-mount). To this end, Fuji has been getting a lot of rave reviews on recent products as well as high customer demand. When the X100 finally made it to stores, it was almost impossible for even the biggest retailers to keep it in stock for any length of time for the better part of a year. The same has been true (though to a far less greater extent) of more recent products.

Hopefully, buoyed by some hot products of late, Fuji will continue its recovery and return to profitability in 2014.

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