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Fuji teases at X-mount SLR-styled camera to be released on January 28

Screenshot of Fuji's website.
Screenshot of Fuji's website.
Dennis Bodzash.

Fuji has hinted that something big, as in the form of a SLR-styled camera in its new X-mount line. The evidence? A page on Fuji's website dedicated to the yet unnamed camera, which is set to be officially unveiled on January 28.

So, what of the camera?

Officially, nothing, as all that Fuji is divulging is that the new camera will look like a dSLR and will officially be announced on January 28.

When Fujifilm announced its X-mount line of mirrorless, interchangeable lens cameras at CES 2012 , it also launched 3 lenses with the promise that more were to be on the way. From that time until now: uji has launched several new X-mount cameras as well as lenses.

Needless to say, Fuji is quite serious about building a potent X-mount lineup to both rival established interchangeable lens camera manufacturers as well as offer a smaller alternative to the dSLR and, so far, Fuji has delivered on the goods as both its X-mount cameras and optics have gotten rave reviews.

So, with this new camera just over the horizon, there's ample reason to have high hopes for Fuji's new toy, whatever it exactly turns out to be.

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