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Fueling up before a run

A picture of many high carb options
A picture of many high carb options

Pasta is many runners' favorite pre-race meal

Many people tend to eat carb heavy foods the evening before a long run or a race because carbs can help fuel the body to take on the long miles ahead. 

When eating more carbs remember that fat and protein are also necessary and help you during the run, carbohydrates are the most efficient at producing energy. The energy needed for running exceeds the amount your body stores in the form of carbohydrates. That is why many people ' carb load' before a race.

There are many different foods that are high in carbs, but many opt for a big meal of pasta. You can opt for other types of carbs though if pasta isn't your thing. Carb heavy foods include breads, rice, cereals, noodles and vegetables. Complex carbs are even better and can be found in foods that contain a large portion of barley, wheat germ, cornmeal, oatmeal, bran or corn. These can be found in brown rice, potatoes, pasta, corn and peas. 

Try not to change up the foods you would eat before a race or long run day too drastically though, you never know how your stomach might react! Be careful trying spicy or different foods that might upset your stomach and make your race or long run uncomfortable. Some stick to bland foods to make sure that they won't have any problems. I usually stick to either a light pasta or a pizza dish to make sure that my body will react similarly before each run .


  • Alex Philadelphia Running Examiner 5 years ago

    ummm I notice you didn't mention the beloved sharkies. hmmmm

  • Natalie D 5 years ago

    Great tips Danica!

  • Drew Denny - National Paddle Sports Examiner 5 years ago

    Great info.

  • Danica 5 years ago

    Alex, didn't mention them because they are coming up during run! :)

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