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Fuel your workout: Bear Naked Grain-ola bars

Bare Naked Grain-ola Bars
Bear Naked Grain-ola Bars (photo:Lucinda May)

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How do you fuel your body for a workout?  Do you eat breakfast and then workout later in the morning?  Do you grab a snack just prior?  Eat afterwards?  Whatever your routine is, as long as it works for you then that is all that matters.

Granola bars are a great fuel for before or after you work out.  They provide healthy grains, natural sugars, and fats which your body needs to keep functioning.

This summer, Bear Naked came out with Grain-ola bars.  As with all their products they are made with all natural ingredients, whole grains, and no artificial flavors or preservatives.  Grain-ola bars come in three flavors: Fruit & Nut, Chocolaty Cherry, and Tropical Fruit.  Unlike many granola bars, these are soft and chewy which gives a more home-made feel to them.  It is also great for anyone with tooth or jaw issues who can’t always bite down on hard, crunchy foods.  They taste more like sweet treats than a granola bar.

While the bars are slightly high in calories and fat, remember that these are good fats (canola oil, sunflower oil) and the benefits of them outweigh any negatives. Grain-ola bars give you about 15 grams of whole grains a serving which is about a third of your intake for the day.  If you are looking to get more grains into your diet, this would be a good way to go.

Bear Naked Grain-ola bars are under $2 each and are available in many grocery stores.  Stock your pantry and get ready to fuel your workout.