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Fuel Bladder Replacements now required on Robinson R22 Helicopters

Robinson R22 Helicopter
Robinson R22 Helicopter
Timothy Pruitt Photography

Robinson Helicopter Co. which is based in Torrance, California, issued a service bulletin (SB) that will require that all R22 owners must replace the fuel aluminum fuel cells in their helicopters. SB 109 includes all Robinson R22s up to serial number 4620. Any aircraft beyond that serial number already have the new fuel cells installed.

The tanks in question are the aluminum ones that have been installed in thousands of helicopters and are subject to post crash fuel leaks, which have led to fires. The new fuel cells are made of a nylon reinforced rubber which is more resistant to ruptures. These replacements are not an emergency SB but it is recommended that the owners replace their cells as soon as practical.

Robinson has reduced the cost of the installation from $15,740 to $6,400, which will have an additional $800 rebate upon completion. The installation will take about 40hrs to complete.