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Fu Manchu at The Detroit Bar on 8 February

If I had to describe Fu Manchu's show at The Detroit Bar with just one word, it would be "boss." In case you missed it (you know who you are), here are just some of the boss things that went on.

Orange Crush in the parking lot
Orange Crush in the parking lot
Gary Schwind
  • Enough vans (like Orange Crush pictured in the slideshow) were in the parking lot to make it look like someone was starting a dealership...or like a casting call for a That 70s Show reunion.
  • The crowd was enthusiastic, but generally pretty civil. Often at shows like this one, you can expect some lit-up knucklehead to start something that usually results in a bloody nose or lip for someone, and the ejection of all parties involved. There was some shoving and jostling, but no fights broke out.
  • Fu Manchu. To be honest, I could leave it at that. But more than just the band's wall of sound in a crackerbox venue was the announcement of the band recording a new album next week.
  • This show lands in the top two loudest shows I've ever attended. (The other was Buzzcocks at Musink.) not only that, it was the last Fu Manchu show at The Detroit Bar although it remains to be seen if the band will continue to play there when it is a gastropub.
  • The guy standing next to me as Fu Manchu took the stage told me that he came from Phoenix for the show. Phoenix? That's dedication to a band right there, especially in Orange County where people are very provincial.
  • Blasting Concept (from Santa Barbara) put on a very good albeit short (less than 30 minutes) set.
  • A vast array of fearsome beards were on display.

I wouldn't say there was anything bad about the show...aside from the fact that Fu Manchu will no longer play The Detroit Bar. However, there were some oddities.

  • I have no way to confirm this, but I think all the flannel in Orange County was in The Detroit Bar last night.
  • One woman (who at some point was standing right next to me) wore an off-the-shoulder, ankle-length dress. Even though it is black like a lot of t-shirts in the place, it certainly stood out from what everyone else was sporting.
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