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FTA admits transit is unsustainable



  • NatetheGrate 5 years ago

    Sustainable? What does that mean? Nobody expects public transit to pay for itself -- its primary benefit is that it gets cars off the road that otherwise would exacerbate traffic congestion and air pollution.

  • Guy Span 5 years ago

    Our area has about $680 million in revenues and $2 billion in costs. These are operating and maintenance expenses. And yes, no one expects transit to operate at a profit. And it provides a worthwhile benefit: getting folks out of their cars, reducing emissions, reducing congestion and improving our quality of life. No argument.

    Sustainable simply means we can find a way to fund the difference. But building BART to Antioch, Livermore and San Jose will not help sustainability. It increases the problem. More operating expenses to fund when we can't fund the systems we have.

    There are probably transit extensions that make sense but what we have in the Bay Area are uneconomic extensions. These should be stopped in favor of fixing what we have already.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    what you are suggesting is that FTA complete before and after studies, exactly like they are now doing for all new projects, right?

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