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Ft. Worth's Andrew Curtiss isn't your typical Libertarian

Anyone who thinks libertarianism is some kind of monolithic lock-step philosophy needs to meet Fort Worth Libertarian Examiner Andrew Curtiss.

Andrew Curtiss of Ft. Worth, Texas is both a Libertarian and a mixed martial arts activist, making for a potent combination.
Courtesy Andrew Curtiss/Book:

In addition to being a professional mixed martial arts fighter and instructor, a former Green Beret combat veteran with a Bronze Star with V device for valor in combat and owner of Ft. worth's Academy of Combat Application Techniques Curtiss describes himself as a "Small Government, Constitutionalist Libertarian." (See his full profile)

He has a lot more to say in this exclusive interview with fellow Dallas Libertarian Examiner.

Can you briefly summarize your book, 1984 Redux?

1984 Redux is kind of a "Political Commentary" based on Constitutionalist/Libertarian views. However, some would also say it leans a bit on the side of conspiracy theory, since I sort of infer that our current sitting President (Barack Obama) is the perfect Manchurian Candidate, and that previous presidents appear to have been on the "take" from Globalist Communists that want to implement a "New World Order."

What drove you to write this book?

"I received one of those forwarded emails from a buddy I served with in the 3rd Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg. The email had a title that said something to the effect of "Congratulations you just made the terrorist watch list." It went on to talk about the DHS report on Rightwing Extremism published 7 April 2009. The report labeled Combat Vets, Christians, Constitutionalists, Pro Life and Second Amendment advocates, those who believed that we are on the verge of economic collapse, those who opposed Barrack Obama and others, as domestic threats.

After doing some research and finding that much of what was claimed in the email was true I contacted Representative Leo Berman (Retired) out of Tyler, Texas with some major concerns. Once he affirmed my worst fears, I asked him what I could do as a concerned citizen to stop our path towards tyranny. His answer was to inform others. So I started researching more and decided to write a book to get the word out."

What kind of reaction have you had from readers?

"I have some pretty good reviews on Amazon from a few who have read the book, but for the most part those close to me who have read it have pretty much stated that they want to keep their distance from me. I have even been accused of having my own dedicated drone. For the most part people think I'm a little crazy; that I'm a conspiracy theorist and that I simply read too much into the current laws, legislation and trends on the part of big government.

If you ask me, writing the book and seeing the reaction of both some who have read it and those who know what it's about, I would say that America has grown extremely weak. People are too afraid to go against the grain and think for themselves. The example is I had a guy read the book, admit that it was great and then defer from doing a review because he was afraid of any sort of backlash from the government. We're talking NSA spying and IRS retribution type stuff. You know the stuff that the President lies about and says there's not a smidgeon of truth to it. I can't stop laughing about it.

What brought you to libertarianism?

Its too long of a story to actually talk about; perhaps another book; but lets just say the PATRIOT Act and that broken piece of machinery we call a legal system.

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