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Ft. Worth Kennel Club Dog Show this weekend

An owner and dog compete at Britain's annual Crufts dog show at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, England
An owner and dog compete at Britain's annual Crufts dog show at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, England
AP photo/Simon Dawson

If you want a puppy, it is advisable to look at adults of that breed, talk to owners of that breed, and see whether the dog is really for you. Sometimes, though, it is hard to find dogs of the breed you want. Well, you are in luck. The Ft. Worth Kennel Club is putting on a dog show at the Will Rogers Coliseum complex in Ft. Worth this weekend. You can see many different breeds there.

The actual show is at Amon G. Carter Exhibit Buildings, Cattle Auction Arena & Small Exhibits Bldg, Will Rogers Memorial Center • 1 Amon Carter Square, 3400 Burnett-Tandy • Fort Worth, Texas 76107. The hours are from 7 am to 11 pm. However, most of the action will be from 7 am to about noon. The winners of each breed competition will compete in the afternoon to win their group competition. Those winners will compete for best of breed.

Dogs shows have their own etiquette. First, your pet dog is not welcome. Only dogs actually entered in the show are supposed to be on the show grounds. Make sure your children are under control and behaving. Never offer a dog food or allow a child to wave food near a dog. Most dogs are on special diets and are not allowed to take food from strangers. However, if your child waves a corny dog in the dog’s face, the dog is likely to take it away from the child.

Never touch a dog without permission. Not only is that a bad idea in general, here you can mess up a dog’s grooming and cost it a win in the ring. Most handlers will be happy to talk to you about their dogs. However, you need to wait until after they finish in the show ring to ask. Before they show, the dog and handler are keyed up and trying to get into “show mode” and any interruption can break their connection.
You can sit at ring side and watch the breeds being shown. This gives you an opportunity to see many different dogs of each breed at the same time. You will see them move and stand, giving you an chance to study their conformation. The catalogs you can purchase at the show give you the name of the dog, the handler, the owner, and the breeder. Mark them with the dogs that catch your eye. Most breeders these days have websites, so you can contact them after the show.

Getting a puppy is a serious commitment. Studying the breed before you get it is only smart. Dog show give you an opportunity to do that.


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