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Ft. Lauderdale man arrested for torturing and killing a duck

Van is being held with no bail for a bond violation for a previous drug arrest.
Van is being held with no bail for a bond violation for a previous drug arrest.
Booking photo/ local 10 news Ft. Lauderdale

Ducks are common sites in parking lots in South Florida. Store owners usually feed the benevolent feathered friends who frolic in the puddles after a typical afternoon rain shower; that is, however until Hoang Van allegedly tortured and abused one for over an hour on Wednesday reports

Witnesses observed Van as the duck gasped for breath as it quacked and flapped its wing to escape from Van's car. The alleged culprit had tied the duck's legs together while he twisted the helpless bird; for an hour the duck writhed in agony as it was callously tortured for no reason.

The duck's dead body was found lying next to a dumpster.

Van is being held without bail for violation of bond for a previous drug arrest.

"Let's get this guy off the streets. What kind of person must he be to torture an innocent animal just for laughs. It's not even like the guy was starving and he wanted to eat the poor thing; this guy is just an evil creep," stated Meg Wilson, of Houston, Texas visiting Palm Beach Gardens this weekend.

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