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Ft Lauderdale Jews Rally for the state of Israel

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In support of the state of Israel , communities all over the world are rallying behind Israel , to cheer them on at the task of defending the state of Israel, and all its citizens,

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Tonight July 20th 2014, at 7 pm the Chabad of Coral springs had a rally in supporting their homeland the state of Israel,

key note speakers Sheriff Israel , spoke of the present danger of terrorist in the middle east and how it plays a roll in our everyday lives, and shared a story of how he met the Prime minister of Israel on one of his trips to the USA, the children had their own rally of course and sang a special prayer for the soldiers , Rabbi Denburg finished the rally with an amazing speach on how being a soldier and taking charge of your direction and faith , in all it was a very moving rally.

When Rabbi Denberg spoke to the assembled not-so-multitudinous audience,he asked them to be soldiers of Hashem, and remember all the past battles he has won for them, and this one is no exception, the children of Coral Springs sand the Shma and added to the prayers of the audience, for the peace and protection of Israel.

Hundreds turn out for pro-Israel rally in Miami Beach , the turnout was amazing. But in Miami Beach, rally participants — forming a sea of blue and white — stood in support of the Israeli people and the actions of the Israeli government. Signs emphasized an idea expressed by many at the rally — that Israel is under siege, and that its response is reasonable. One sign, with a picture of a rocket, asked, “What would you do?” Others read, “No more rockets from Gaza” and “Israel is here to stay.”