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Ft. Bragg Soldier Corry Brooks accused of rape and kidnapping

Ft. Bragg Soldier Corry Brooks accused of rape and kidnapping
Ft. Bragg Soldier Corry Brooks accused of rape and kidnapping
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Fort Bragg Soldier, Sgt. 1st Class Corry Brooks, 34, has been charged with rape, kidnapping, strangulation, and felonious assault against a woman he’d asked out on a date. Additionally, he was charged with interfering with the 911 call she placed for help.

The Lee County, N.C. Soldier was charged Wednesday morning and placed under $350,000 bond.

The ordeal began when Brooks allegedly became violent with the victim when she refused to have sex with him at his home. She told authorities that she ran into the bathroom at his home to call police.

Her attempted 911 call was disconnected when Brooks allegedly stole her phone, forced her into his car, and drove to a dead end road in Hoke County where the rape took place.

In a horror, no one can imagine, the victim told police that she made an attempt to escape through his car window but was pulled back inside.

Police records indicate they responded to the disjointed emergency call after it was traced to the location where it originated. Sadly, by the time the responding deputies got to the address and found no problems, it was too late.

Curiously, Brooks allegedly drove the woman to her home where she was able to call for help. The victim was treated at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in Fayetteville. In addition to the rape injuries, she also had a broken arm.

A Soldier since 2002, Brooks is a tactical and technical explosives expert assigned to the 192 "D "Ordnance Battalion. He has been at Fort Bragg for nearly four years.

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