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Fryman Canyon hike at Willacre Park - Meditation spot of the week

Fryman Canyon
Fryman Canyon
Jennifer Prest

One of the many ways to survive city life is to find places of escapism.  I'm constantly in search of new places of peace within Los Angeles to meditate and find solitude.  Sometimes finding a peaceful place, setting an atmosphere of prayer time with God or having a quiet spot to journal or read at can be the biggest source of renewal in our spiritual lives, especially in a big city.  

My latest spot that I've been visiting is Fryman Canyon at Willacre Park.  Fryman is located in Studio city and is a great place to hike and get some fresh air.  Unlike popular Runyon Canyon in Hollywood, parking at Fryman is very easy to find. There is a paid parking lot that always has plenty of spots available.  But for those who don't mind walking a little further, there is free street parking on Laurel Canyon.  

As you take the road up from the parking lot, you will start your hike on the main trail.  (There are many side trails you can take and explore but I tend to stay on the main path)  This walk is the perfect blend of shaded and sunny pathways as well as a nice mix of level and inclined hiking.  You will see a great view of the city, huge fluffy clouds, lots of birds and beautiful nature surrounding.  There are benches to stop at to enjoy the peaks.  I often see people reading and admiring the views here.  

There are usually plenty of people hiking Fryman.  I always feel like it's a really nice amount of people present. There are enough people out where I feel safe walking but not too many where I don't appreciate the solitude of it all.  With springtime here, we've had perfect hiking weather.  I've enjoyed watching parents bringing their children out looking at butterflies and birds, friends catching up while walking their dogs, and others just stopping at the look outs, and enjoying nature.      

Once the main path ends on a residential street, continue  down the street and turn left on Fryman to return to the parking lot.  The hike usually takes me about an hour if I don't stop.  But if you take a lunch along or explore you could easily spend hours there.  (Picnic benches are at the top).   

Next time you're looking for a meditation spot, be sure and check out Fryman.  Have fun as you enjoy the beauty of God's amazing creation! 

Fryman Canyon - 3431 Fryman Road Studio City, California


  • Mickey (LA Christianity Examiner) 5 years ago

    Hey, that's pretty close to where I live. I usually go to Coldwater Canyon Park and hike over to Wilacre Park. But I noticed on the map that the Betty B. Dearing trail also goes down to Fryman so next time I'll have to try that route. Last time I saw a rattlesnake on the trail! Also, another great one is Franklin Canyon Park (one of my favs!) off of Coldwater Canyon and Mulholland Drive. They have a cool duck pond that usually has mallards and wood ducks. Great hikes there around the reservior!

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