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Frustration boils over, Blake Griffin spills drink on fan

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin had a tough game in a 109-105 loss to the Golden State Warriors in Game one of the Western Conference first round playoffs on April 19. But it is what happened on the bench that is making headline news.

Griffin, who played just 19 minutes, fouled out with 48.5 seconds remaining and the game tied. After fouling out, Griffin with a cup of water in his right-hand angrily stared up at the giant video screen to watch the replay. Suddenly, he shouted something, spread his arms out in disgust, and dumped the entire cup over his right shoulder. The water subsequently, landed directly on Will Meldman, a 22-year-old Warriors fan from San Francisco.

The Clippers gave him a towel, which Meldman kept, along with the cup.

The question now is was it intentional? Griffin, who claimed the cup wasn’t full, said it wasn’t and Meldman seemed to agree.

"Honestly, I think it fell out of his hand," Meldman said. "He fouled out and he was frustrated, so it just fell out of his hand. It just slipped out.”

Though he added, "It may or may not be on purpose."
Regardless of whether it was intentional or not, one thing for sure is that Griffin needs to step up his game in order for Los Angeles to advance to the second round.

Griffin was effective in his time on the court versus the Warriors though the problem was he wasn’t on the floor that much, due to foul trouble. He tallied 16 points, grabbed three rebounds and dished out three assists in a little over 19 minutes. The four-time All-Star averages a double-double (22.5 points and 10.0 rebounds) in 16 career games against Golden State.

Griffin produced his finest season to date this season. He averaged a career-best 24.1 points, 9.0 rebounds and 3.9 assists a game.

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